Doc Johnson Mood (Naughty 3) Butt Plug

Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug Review

I was kindly sent the Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug Naughty 3 (Medium) from Lovehoney, for an honest review and as always from Lovehoney, it arrived swiftly and packaged very discreetly. The Mood Butt Plug does come in 3 different sizes (Small, medium and Large) and in two different colours (Black and pink.) It is also worth noting that there are other plugs in the “Mood” range with different shapes, so if the Naughty 3 doesn’t appeal, there is also the Naughty, which is more classically butt plug shaped, and the Naughty 2, which is more top heavy and curved, which makes it look more suited to prostate play. This review is for the Naughty 3 in medium.

Mood Butt Plug Information:

The Mood Butt Plug measures 3.5 inches in insertable length (4 inches total length) and it is made from silicone. (It comes in bright pink too) This plug is not smooth or hourglass shaped like “standard plugs” instead, it comes with three bumps, each being slightly bigger than the one before, and this gives the plug a wavy, or bumpy appearance. The first bump measures a tiny 2.25 inches in girth and is no larger in girth than one of my girly fingers. The central bulb measures 2.6 inches in girth and the last bump measures 3 inches in girth. The plug has a very comfortable flared base, which is long but thin, so this rests comfortably between your bum cheeks without digging in or causing aggravation. The total length of the base is 3 inches. These petite sizes make this medium Mood butt plug ideal for beginners, or for anyone who is looking for a very gentle, unintimidating plug.

In use:

My partner and I are probably at the intermediate stages of anal play and we both found the Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug to be super easy to insert, even from a cold start which also made it ideal as a warm up toy when we want to progress to bigger anal toys during our session. Once this plug was inserted we both felt that it was comfortable and very gentle. It caused no internal discomfort whatsoever and because it has such a slim neck, we also felt no continual stretching around the anus while it was in use. In fact, The Mood plug is so comfortable that my partner even forgot he was wearing it during intercourse. He commented afterwards that he forgot it was there and did not really feel any pressure or rubbing sensations against his prostate while we were playing, or during his orgasm. We put this down to the petite size of the plug and the fact it comes with a thin neck and a flexible base. As you move around, this flexibility in the neck causes the plug to bend and move with your body movements. This minimises any rubbing, poking or pressure sensations internally.

We found that the Mood plug is also enjoyable when used to slide in and out of the anus. It gives a gentle popping sensation, similar to anal beads but with a more gentle ‘pop’ Sliding it in and out of the anus also produces a mild rumbling sensation which my partner enjoyed feeling against his prostate.

Cleaning and Care:

You will need to get yourself a bottle of good quality lubricant in order to use this plug comfortably, but stick to water based and avoid silicone lubricants as they can potentially damage the Mood Butt Plug. (This plug is made from a matte silicone, which is notorious for causing drag, or friction sensations and the anus is not self lubricating.)

Cleaning is also a doddle. The Mood Plug is waterproof (It has no vibrations) and it has no awkward seams to worry about. Simply use hot soapy water and give it a good rinse under clean, flowing water. You can also use a sex toy cleaner spray. Once clean, you should ideally store the Mood Butt Plug in a pouch or inside the original packaging because the plug is a lint/dust magnet, but most silicone toys are.


The fact that it is so comfortable to use will either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your own particular tastes in anal toys. If you are looking for a plug you can wear for long periods of time, or if you are new to anal sex and have found other plugs to be too intense, then the Mood Butt Plug would be ideal. It stays in place exceptionally well and actually feels like it won’t budge either (As opposed to those plugs which constantly feel like they are about to fall out.) Plus, the base is comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of normal body movements, like walking or sitting down. However, if you enjoy a more filling experience with a toy that makes its presence felt, if you enjoy feeling stretched or if you want some intense prostate stimulation, then the Mood Butt Plug might not be so suitable for you, unless you are looking for a smaller warm up toy. You can purchase from the Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug range at


You can purchase the Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug here at

The Doc Johnson Mood Butt Plug was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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