CB6000 Designer Collection Camouflage Chastity Device

CB6000 Chastity Device Review

I was kindly sent the CB6000 Male Chastity Device from ThatPosition, a UK based strap-on specialist, who also sell a fantastic range of BDSM gear, including the CB6000 and CB6000s chastity device range. The CB6000 is the third chastity device to be added to my collection and I was really excited to be testing and reviewing it because the CB devices, made by A.L Enterprises, are probably the most well known chastity devices on the market right now. They seem to get great reviews overall. The most common version of the CB device is the clear polycarbonate device that allows the wearer to see through the material, but I was thrilled to discover that ThatPosition had begun to stock the “CB Designer Collection” which includes CB6000 and CB6000s devices in fancy finishes. There is a chrome finish, a wood finish and finally the camouflage finish, which is the one I am reviewing here. Due to the way these prints are made, no two finishes are identical, so each device made will be completely unique.

Product Description:

The CB6000 camouflage edition arrived in a sleek black box, inside which you will find a black zippered storage bag. (This can be used for long term storage) Inside this bag, you will find all the components needed to customize the device to suit your individual needs. The kit contains:

One cage portion (Which measures 3 ¼ inch in length, with an internal diameter of 1 3/8”)
5 rings (Ring diameters are: 1 ½”, 1 5/8”, 1 ¾”, 1 7/8” and 2”)
4 locking pins (Lengths are: 1.22”, 1.33 “, 1.41” and 1.57”)
4 spacers (Lengths are: 0.51”, 0,59”, 0,71” and 0.82”)
1 master padlock and Key
5 individually numbered Plastic Locks
1 x 4ml tube of Premium “Jo” lubricant (silicone based)

The most fantastic thing about the CB6000 is that it comes with all these extra parts, which allows every individual to get the most ideal fit possible. With 5 different rings, you get five chances at finding the best fit for the main ring (The one which will surround your testicles and penis) and with 4 spacers and locking pins, you get to decide how much of a gap you want to leave between the main ring and the cage section. It’s like a build-your-own chastity device kit and unlike the “One size fits all” devices; the CB devices are likely to fit a much larger majority of men.

Our Experiences Attaching the CB6000:

As I removed the CB6000 from its packaging, the first thing that really struck me was the lightweight nature of this device. To be fair, the other two chastity devices we own, (the Metal Worx Cock Cage and the Spiral Chastity Device) are both made out of steel, so of course, the CB6000 was noticeably lighter than both of the others. The CB6000 is made from high grade polycarbonate.

The CB6000 comes with 5 different sized rings. I say rings, but in actual fact, these rings start out as horseshoe shaped objects. (See my images.) The ring is not completed until you attach one of the horseshoe shaped objects to the banana shaped connector with the two prongs sticking out. There is only one banana shaped connector, but this will fit all five of the horseshoe objects to form your main ring. (That wasn’t at all awkward to describe) This ring is the main ring that goes around your penis and testicles. The most painless method of attaching the ring is to complete it while it is around your bits, rather than attempting to pull everything through the ring, however, it is extremely easy to nip the skin, or trap pubic hair, as you slide all the pieces together, so go slow and be careful.

Once the ring is attached, we then began experimenting with the locking pins and spacers. The locking pin slides into the remaining hole in the centre of your main ring. Once inserted, you then slide the spacer onto the pin. The locking pins and spacers control how much of a gap is left between the main ring and the cage section, so you get four opportunities to find a gap that allows for comfort and avoids squishing your testicles, while at the same time being small enough to stop you from slipping out. Just like the main ring options, it is about trial and error and doing some personal experimenting to find your best fit.

Now all is left to do, is attach the cage portion. Not going to lie, it is quite fiddly to get this part on. The CB6000 cage portion is reasonably narrow and this is a very enclosed cage, so it’s not like you can use cotton buds or other tools to help “ease” your penis into the cage. Attempting to insert a flaccid penis into this cage, without any kind of additional help, will more often than not cause your foreskin to be pulled back and your skin to bunch up around the base of the cage, which is not comfortable, especially if you have phimosis (My partner does)

So here are a few tips that we found very helpful for getting the cage on.

1)      This chastity device comes with a small sample of lubricant. Apply this to your penis and this will help you to slide much more easily into the cage. This method can help, but it is not perfect and bunching can still happen

2)      Find a pair of old stockings or tights. Cut the end off one of the legs so that you have what now looks like a knee high sock. Put this nylon sock over your penis like a large condom. Try to allow a small amount of this nylon to bunch around the base of your penis, but not too much. (Leave a good amount hanging from the end of your penis.) Pick up the CB6000 cage portion and insert the dangling portion of the nylon into the cage, allowing a small amount to poke out through the hole in the tip. (Keep a hold of the nylon at the base of your penis while you do this) Slide the cage over the tip of your penis, just until you begin to feel it pulling back on your skin. Let go of the nylon at the base of your penis, hold the cage and pull the nylon protruding from the tip of the cage. Keep pulling into the nylon is removed entirely.

Method two is by far the best option. The nylon essentially pulls your penis into the cage and unlike most other methods, where you push the cage on, this method stops your skin bunching. The nylon method is not 100% perfect. Sometimes it takes a few tries to master it, but when you do, it works so much better and feels way more comfortable.

Finally I clicked the lock shut. The CB6000 comes with a master lock and key, which is fantastic as this lock cannot be picked easily. I often find the quality of the locks that come with chastity devices is low, but this one pleased me. This device also came with 5 individually numbered, plastic locks. These locks can be broken with reasonable ease. (A snip with a pair of good scissors, for example) and are designed to be attached to the chastity device during times when you might be separated from your key holder. Using a plastic lock with an individual number allows him to remove the cage in an emergency, but at the same time, the key holder can keep a note of the individual number on that plastic lock and will require an explanation if he or she discovers he has removed the cage, or applied a different numbered plastic lock.

Our Experiences Wearing the CB6000 Chastity Device:

We wanted a chastity device that would be suitable for long term wear. Our previous device, the Spiral, was fantastic in many ways, but nocturnal erections began to cause him quite intense pain. We assumed this was a pretty normal part of chastity and something to overcome, but the CB6000 taught us that was not the case. I put the CB6000 on my partner when it first arrived and he went 3 whole days and nights without any instances of major discomfort. Not only did erections not cause too much pain, but the nocturnal ones did not even wake him up. We did notice that prolonged erections from our tease and denial sessions could eventually begin to cause discomfort as the ring gets forced upwards and causes a pressure, or “digging-in” sensation under the testicles for the duration of the erection. However, this pain was not the extreme kind of pain he seemed to experience with the Spiral device. It was not intense enough that we had to remove it. We eventually figured out that it was probably the intensity and longevity of these “aroused” erections (As opposed to the nocturnal ones) that caused discomfort, but compared to other devices tested though, this one was a walk in the park. It felt very comfortable and therefore ideal for long term use. Of course, it is also ideal for bedroom play and short term chastity.

During wear, he was able to do everything as he normally would and commented that he often forgot he was wearing the device until he bent down for any reason and was reminded of its presence as the plastic touched against his thigh. The cage remained discreet and was not noticeable under clothing, including reasonably tight fitted jeans (Although, you may want to avoid skin tight clothing like Lycra. It isn’t THAT discreet). He didn’t once have to change is usual habits to avoid any discomfort or exposure. He could walk, run and basically continue life as normal, without experiencing any pain. There was only one lifestyle habit he did have to adapt and that was urinating. He said that it was possible to pee standing up, but the enclosed nature of the cage gave him no clue as to what direction the stream would emerge from the hole at the end and so sitting down was just the smartest option, to avoid making a mess.

If you take a closer look at my pictures, you will see that the CB6000 chastity device comes with a rather enclosed cage portion. It contains one hole in the tip, for urinating out of (This hole is barely wide enough to allow you to insert your smallest finger tip) and the only other holes are some small vents at the base of the device. What does this mean? Well it means that the person wearing this device cannot feel anything touching their penis and will find it extremely difficult to reach orgasm from manual stimulation to the penis. (It was still possible to orgasm through holding vibrators against the cage, we discovered). Now this is great for key holders who get a kick out of knowing their partner just cannot feel a thing down there and we definitely noticed an increase in sensitivity to his penis when I did take him out of the cage and touch him, so this was all fantastic, but there were also some downsides…


The first downside is that if you get an itch on your penis, it will probably drive you a little crazy, unless you can get at it with some cotton buds (or Q Tips, for my American readers). The second issue is the odour. The enclosed cage on the CB6000 will develop a reasonably strong “fishy” odour within about 6 to 12 hours and when you do remove the cage, the penis will feel damp and sweaty. This is the one major downside to the CB6000 chastity device and is in fact the only downside we came across during our first week testing it. This smell made my partner feel quite self conscious and this can be off-putting, but there is a simple way around this issue; Have him wash before a play session. The smell issue can only be avoided by removing the cage entirely and washing yourself and the device thoroughly every day. It is almost impossible to really clean inside this tight, enclosed cage, without removing it, so although it works wonders as a long term device, being comfortable, lightweight, easily hidden under clothing etc; it still needs to be taken off daily for cleaning. Ensure you get a cloth, sponge or some kind of gentle brush, to get inside the cage portion during cleaning. Be careful though as you do not want to damage/scratch the camouflage design.

Another downside we discovered early on is that the metal padlock that comes with the CB6000 device caused some minor scratching to the poly carbonate cage and this scratching removed some of the camouflage pattern off the top of the cage. This is an aesthetic issue and caused no actual damage to the structure of the cage, but I guess if you want to avoid scratching the pattern off the cage, you may want to use a different kind of lock from the beginning.


The Cb6000 is an excellent chastity device. He found it comfortable to use for long term wear, managing from the beginning, to sleep through the night while wearing it. I was hugely impressed that the CB6000 came with different sized rings and spacers, allowing a personalised, comfortable fit and the build quality is excellent. Of course, it has a few downsides (As do most) but no major issues that would cause us to stop using this chastity device. It is our favourite to date and I would recommend the Cb6000 to anyone looking for a comfortable, long term chastity device.

You can purchase the CB6000 Camouflage Chastity Device here at ThatPosition


The CB6000 Chastity Device was kindly sent to me free of charge from thatposition.com for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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  1. Michael D
    Michael D says:

    There are growers and showers. My wife and I are researching male chastity and we zoned in on the device we like (cbx- 6000s chrome). Not being in a device yet I am still technically a showing grower. Puns aside, my question is similar to John’s about the 6000 and the 6000s. You mentioned that the smaller cage, the 6000s is good for guys 6 inches or less, does that mean flacid? The cage length of the 6000s is labeled as 2.5 inches so I’m curious as to how those numbers you gave could work.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi Micheal. It is so hard for me to say for sure, as I can only go on personal experience with one guy. My partner measures 5.5 inches in length when erect and 2.5 inches in length when flaccid. His girth doesn’t change too much, going from 4.75 inches flaccid to 5.2 inches when erect. I guess the changes in length make him more of a grower than a shower. Anyway, his flaccid penis fits snugly but comfortably inside the CB6000s (Flaccid, he fills the whole cage, but finds it comfortable). He did not fill the entire cage on the CB6000 and he personally found the movement during the day to be a little less comfortable. The reason why I said the CB6000s is designed for men under 6 inches, is because I believe the company said that themselves? Not sure where I got this information from at the time, but there is some logic behind it. I think it depends on personal taste. If you like a snug fit and little movement through the day, the smaller cage would suit if you are under 3 inches when flaccid. If you are longer, you might fit better into the larger cage. However, you also need to bear in mind what will happen when you become erect. Strangely, my partner found both cages to feel the same when erect. What usually happens (in both CB cages) is that his penis would swell, plug the sides of the cage and push the cage forward (rather than his penis growing into the space inside the cage). Does that make any sense? Because of this, neither cage was more uncomfortable than the other. I personally think the longer cage would be better for those who are above 3 inches when flaccid, as their length will naturally fill more of the larger cage and not feel squished up during the day.

      I hope this helps. Once again, this is just based on our experiences. Every guy is different.

  2. John
    John says:

    How do you know whether to get the 6000 or 6000s? With all the parts I’m not sure how to gauge measurement. Or if it’s better to have more or less room in the cage. Thanks

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hi John. As far as I am aware, the only difference between the 6000 and the 6000s is the size of the cage section. The other fittings and fixtures are the same size, whether you get the 6000 or the 6000s (I am 99% sure on this, but I never got the rings etc with my 6000s cage. I was sent the cage section alone. This means I cannot go measure to make sure). As for which cage to choose, I think it comes down to personal opinion. Basically, the small cage would best suit guys who are 6 inches or less in length and 5 inches or less in girth. The large cage is better suited for the larger guy. However, you can still choose the larger cage, even if you have a smaller penis. It just means there will be room inside the cage. Some guys prefer the extra room, commenting that they don’t like to feel squashed or trapped inside a smaller cage. Other men say it is much more comfortable to have a snug fit and some say it can chafe and cause issues peeing, inside a cage that is too big. My partner personally prefers the snugger fit on the smaller cage (he measures approx 5.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth). My guide to fitting a chastity device might offer more insight. I hope this helps.

      • John
        John says:

        Your comments on sizing where helpful. Wife and I are pleased with the CB 6000s. I was concerned about nocturnal erections and thought a tighter fit would be better. Past a certain amount of blood flow erections reach a point of no return and are almost unstoppable. I reasoned that a tighter fit would provide an early warning system. I’ve had no problems. So far it’s been fun!

  3. Maria
    Maria says:

    CB 6000 is one of the best-selling chastity belt. My husband and I chose CB 6000 for his first chastity belt. Easy to install, comfortable to wear, but the safety is weak. We experimented with a variety of rings and distances. He was always able to pull out in certain circumstances. I was very frustrated, and then I heard for KSD G3. I bought it immediately. KSD G 3 has done that he could not pull it out, but there is a new problem. Niocturnal erections were very very painful. I insisted on KSD G3, but I did not like what was so painful for him.

    We accidentally found a solution. He was completely naked and stood with legs spread. I’ve tease him. His penis was rock hard. I’ve toured around him with an ice cube. Slowly I began to drag ice cube down his spine. He lost his erection. After five minutes I stimulate his penis. He was again rock hard. Again, he lost his erection when I drag ice cube down the lower part of his spine.

    He bought a small freezer, standing next to the bed. When he has nocturnal erections, from the freezer, took out a ice cube and drag on lower part of his spine. Lose erection and immediately re asleep.

    Safety and comfort not often go together. Safety is important to me as part of tease and denial. Impossible masturbation is solution for great tease and denial.

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      I like your comments. I have a problem with nocturnal erections too. The idea with small freezer next to the bed is excellent. I’m getting up putting ice pack around the balls. After two to three minutes erection is disappearing.
      I tried it with an ice cube on my back. It did not work for me, but at the same time when I drag a ice cube one on the back and second at my balls erection disappeared for about ten seconds.
      You’ve helped me, thank you.

      • Maria
        Maria says:

        Thank you Michael. Every man is different, but there are similarities, needs a little experiment. The first two or three months, we know a little. My sister helped me a lot, and we’re experimenting. Now I know, to ice pack. Very cold water with ice cubes gives better results than ice pack. Balls abruptly insert it in cold water. An erection disappears for 10 to 30 seconds. Taking a shower in cold water for half a minute to a minute also make to penis becomes soft…
        Find the area or areas for ice cube, which will make the penis becomes soft is elegant solution.


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