Bodywand G-spot Magic Wand Attachment

Bodywand G-Spot Magic Wand Attachment Review

I was kindly sent the Bodywand, G-spot, Magic Wand Attachment from Lovehoney for an honest review. I currently own just one mains operated wand, the Lovehoney Deluxe magic Wand and as one of my favourite vibrators, I was looking forward to jazzing it up with an attachment that could provide different sensations, maybe even make it even better than it already is. The Bodywand G-spot attachment was especially appealing because it offers both external and internal sensations, something which is not provided by the wand alone. The Bodywand attachment is made from silicone, comes in bright pink and has 4 inches of insertable length, with a 4.5 inch girth around the largest point (The bulbous tip)

I was pleased to discover that. despite the different branding (Bodywand attachment, Lovehoney wand) the attachment fit securely and onto the head of my wand and stayed in place during use. You have two options when applying the attachment to the wand. You can either add some lubricant. which helps the attachment to glide onto the wand with ease, but causes it to also move around easily during use (It pivots with slight pressure.) or you can go without the lubricant. If you go without, the attachment can be difficult to squeeze into place, requiring a little force and some stretching and wiggling. If you enjoy adding a little pressure when using sex toys, I recommend avoiding lube.

With the attachment in place, I turned on my magic wand. The Lovehoney Deluxe wand comes with a scrolling power wheel, rather than a high/low speed setting and so I can pretty much choose my desired speed using this wheel. For the most part, the wands powerful vibrations travel really well through the attachment. The only issue is when my wand reached roughly three quarters of the way to full power. There is a tipping point here, where the rumbling, powerful vibrations suddenly change. It is almost as if the attachments longer shaft is oscillating so fast as this speed, that the vibrations suddenly start to cancel themselves out. They become much weaker and quite shallow. This may be an issue if you prefer using your wand on a very high speed, or if you have a wand with only two or three different speeds as it may leave you with a ‘broken’ high speed (Unless your wand is generally weaker than mine is, of course.)

Clitoral Use:

Although the Bodywand attachment does carry the vibrations well (Except at very high speeds) it does seem to change the feel of the vibrations. Using the wand alone, the vibrations feel deep, rumbling and buzzy. With the attachment on, the vibrations lose their buzz and high frequency feel and just feel rumbling. As the vibrations travel down the shaft, they cause the attachment to visible shake and wiggle which produces a pounding sensation. It feels super powerful (So much so, it actually hurts at high speeds) but for clitoral stimulation, I much preferred the sensations provided by the wand alone

The Bodywand attachment does have some redeeming features, when it comes to clitoral stimulation, for example it offers wand users a more pin point sensation which cannot be achieved using the wand alone. You can also rotate the wand (Or the attachment) so that the longer shaft is pointing away from your body. This allows you to use the smooth flat back of the attachment like a sheath. It feels very similar to using the wand alone, only it dampens the vibrations a little and adds some extra padding between the hard, plastic head of the wand and your body. The silicone also feels more ‘grabby’ than the plastic does, which is great for anyone who enjoys a little added friction. I was reasonably impressed that the Bodywand attachment added a few extra sensations to my magic wand. Unfortunately, I just prefer the sensations without it.

G-Spot Use:

With a little water based lubricant, I found the attachment was comfortable to insert and rested against my g-spot perfectly but it did not blow my mind. To date, the wand is the most powerful vibrator I have tried and as mentioned earlier, this power causes the attachment to oscillate so fast that it almost pounds at you. This meant that I could not turn my wand up past the halfway mark without experiencing pain. It felt like my g-spot was being battered and the sensation was close to experiencing lots of sharp pin pricks up against my sensitive vulva and g-spot. The attachment felt okay if I kept the power down low, but it did not feel amazing and it failed to give g-spot orgasms. Vibrations often don’t, so I wasn’t too surprised. I require some jiggling and shallow thrusting to reach orgasm and it is extremely awkward to give yourself that kind of stimulation with a reasonably flexible attachment, attached to a heavy, bulky wand vibrator. Arm ache kicked in very fast.

Anal Use:

The Bodywand G-spot wand Attachment can be used safely for anal play and my partner often enjoys vibrations against his prostate. He also reported mixed results with this attachment. Firstly, he also experienced those intense, almost painful battering sensations that I did at higher speeds. On the lower settings however, he did enjoy the rumbling he could feel internally and said that the attachment rested perfectly against his prostate. He was also keen to point out that this attachment was probably the strongest vibrator he has experienced anally before.


So this attachment was a little hit and miss for us. I somewhat enjoyed the internal sensations it provided, finding that it rested against my g-spot perfectly and was comfortable to insert and use for thrusting. However, with vibrations on, it could often feel too intense, actually painful. The attachment did have the power to bring about clitoral orgasms but I much preferred the higher frequency, less pounding vibrations that the wand gives me without the attachment on. The wand provides internal, and pin point stimulation, which the wand cannot do alone and so it adds a lot of versatility to your magic wand. However, the sensations, as far as I am concerned, were not mind blowing. Overall it was just okay. I can’t see myself reaching for this attachment often. For me, this is a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I will continue to use the wand without the attachment.


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The Bodywand G-spot Wand Attachment was kindly sent to me free of charge by for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

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