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Gritty Woman’s Blog Tour 2014 Post

The wonderful and amazing Emmeline Peaches (sex toy reviewer at, nominated me to take part in this years sex blog tour and despite wondering why anyone would want to look deep into the inner workings of my mind (Seriously, it’s filthy in there. I haven’t dusted for years), I decided to keep the tour going by answering the following questions and letting you all in on my Gritty Woman style blogging methods. Enjoy!

What am I working on?

I am the type of person who works better when doing three things at once. Oh, I will still complain about my lack of free time, but when I have nothing to do, I feel edgy. I like being busy. This week I am finishing up a few (3) product reviews and a commissioned article on the topic of strap-on sex, which is one of my favourite subjects to discuss. I am also trying to update my “About Me” page, because right now, it sucks. In between writing, I indulge my passion for erotic photography. I can also be found fiddling around with my blog, trying to make more accessible, work better and look prettier.

I’m not the only one who works hard maintaining this blog. My partner is very much involved too. He focuses on the technical side of things, fixing anything that is broken and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Right now he is fixing some problems that occurred over the weekend (thanks WordPress updates) and is modifying a responsive theme for the blog, which will make it much more accessible and readable on mobile devices and smaller screens.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My content naturally aligns with my personality traits. I am a bit of a perfectionist, which leads to my being quite meticulous. I go into great detail in my product reviews including many detailed images and in some cases, video reviews, so that my readers can get a full picture of the product. I feel that this allows them to make more informed decisions. I have received some lovely feedback from readers for doing so and that keeps me motivated.

I use my own experience, education and passion for sexual pleasure, BDSM and kink, to create articles on all subjects relating to sex, in some instances providing a guiding hand and in others, speaking from the heart, knowing that others can relate to my experiences. I want to help people see past negativity, shaming or insecurity and begin to follow their own hearts. I think everyone deserves to have a healthy, happy sex life.

I guess I would say my work differs because I often speak from my own experiences and give opinions as seen through my own lens, so I come at it from a personal angle. Nobody’s experiences are exactly alike, which is why I believe every blogger is important in their own right. The more people who speak out about sex, the less taboo, or scary, the subject is.

Why do I write what I do?

I have always had a high sex drive, an open minded, experimental streak and a desire to keep that spark alive, so for the past 15 years I have indulged this passion, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but I learned and discovered so much along the way (I am still on this journey) Of course, I had not considered blogging about it myself until I joined Lovehoney’s community forums. At first, I simply desired to test and review adult products, but as time passed I found myself visiting the forum daily to offer up advice or support on sexual matters. I began seriously considering blogging after receiving many lovely comments on the forums and realising how much I loved to help. I believe sexual desire is a need within us all and I am always fascinated by the unique and diverse ways we desire and act on desire. In February 2013 my blog came into existence and I never looked back. I do this because it makes me happy.

How does my writing process work?

It most often begins by inserting the following 5 words onto a blank page in my notebook, or a blank word document on my screen:


Underneath each of these words, I begin to jot down notes, usually single words or broken sentences that answer the related question. When drafting up a review, for example, I may jot down why I liked the product, or why I would recommend it. Under the word “what” I might describe what it does, or what features it has. I also add other random notes that pop into my head, but I find that jotting down the questions in advance, helps me think about answering them during the write up. When it comes to writing out my first draft, I simply pull out these notes and elaborate on them. Once this draft has taken shape, I then read through it a couple of times over, making changes and adding a little ‘flair’ Gritty Woman style.

As mentioned at the beginning, I work better when doing a few things at once. Sometimes I can fly through a single article from start to finish, as I become absorbed in the writing, but more often than not, I will have two or three word documents open and I will flick between documents if I feel the words dry up, or feel stuck, or uninspired by the current article I am working on.

Thanks again to Emmeline Peaches for nominating me to take part in this blog tour. (You should go check out Emmelines blog tour post too)

I nominate the following bloggers to answer the questions above on their blogs for next Monday and keep this blog tour rolling:

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