Hydromax x40 Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax x40 Penis Pump Review

As you may know, I recently reviewed the Bathmate Hydromax x30 penis pump and although we found it worked perfectly well and did increase the size of his penis, it did have one issue. The problem was that the x30 had become a little too small for my friend. I reached out to Bathmate directly and they very kindly offered to send me the Hydromax x40 penis pump, in exchange for an honest review. The Hydromax x40 is built and designed in exactly the same way as the x30, with the only difference being that the x40 is quite a bit bigger (15% bigger). The x40 is the big brother of the x30. The Hydromax x40, is a penis pump, designed to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis, as well as helping produce stronger erections and more sensitivity after use.

Product Information

The Hydromax pump differs from standard pumps because it uses water, rather than air, to create a vacuum. Water seems to create a better vacuum and feels more comfortable to use. The Hydromax x40 is available in 3 different colours. You can either purchase the clear tube version, like mine, or you can opt for a semi-transparent red, or blue, tube. Unlike standard pumps, with use bulb pumps, the Hydromax pumps use a bellows style pump to build up suction by simply pressing the pump into the body and relaxing. The vacuum can be controlled using a simple valve system to control water flow and pressure. This valve has been designed to be used one handed, although in my experience, the button can be a bit stiff on occasion. Unlike the Hydromax x30, the bigger x40 comes with a longer tube insert attached to the grey comfort pad (The bit that rests against your body) and this longer tube insert seems to help stop the bellows from bending in any direction, something which could happen with the x40 but not as much with the x30 simply because the bellows are bigger. You do not need the longer tube with the smaller pump. I also assumed the longer tube would stop the risk of skin getting trapped in the bellows during pumping, but my friend assures me that, even without the tube, he does not think it would be possible to trap skin, due to the penis being erect. Either way, the longer tube seems helpful for maintaining an even pumping and a good balance.


Total length of the pump, including the bellows is 11.5 inches

The circumference at the base of the clear tube is 9.5 inches.

The circumference at the top of the clear tube is 8.5 inches.

The Circumference around the outside of the comfort ring (The grey insert that rests against the pelvis) is 12.5 inches

The sticker measurement is not a completely accurate size measurement as it will depend on how much the bellows are depressed. With the bellows completely pressed, it is reasonably accurate to within half an inch each way.

How to use the Hydromax x40

Seeing as both the design and style of use is exactly the same, I have copied and pasted the following details from my Hydromax x30 review. (With a few edits) The Hydromax x 40 is easy to use, but it does take a little figuring out at first. Here’s how it works:

  1. First of all, switch the little grey valve button to closed position (Either side of central.) The button is small and can be a little stiff, so sometimes can be fiddly.
  2. Fill the pump with warm water.
  3. Either with the label facing upwards, so you can see the measurements, or with the label facing down, to give you an unobstructed view inside the tubing, insert the penis into the pump and rest the comfort ring up against your pelvis. The comfort ring is not uniformly shaped, and it dips in slightly on one side, this is the side you should have resting against your testicles.
  4. Ensure your testicles are outside of the Hydromax pump at this stage. If necessary, gentle pull down on them to ensure they do not get sucked into the tubing when you begin pumping.
  5. Begin to push the pump into your pelvis. This will cause the bellows to collapse (They are quite firm and it takes a little bit of force.) At this point, you will notice a jet of water shooting out from the other end of the pump.
  6. Slowly relax the inward pressure against the pelvis. This will cause the bellows to elongate into their usual position, and this pressure will cause your penis to be drawn up, or sucked into the pump. A seal will be formed, if not, reposition and try again.
  7. Over the next 15 to 20 minutes, repeat steps 5 and 6, slowly pumping the bellows to create more suction until comfortably stretched. Stop when you feel you are reaching your limit of comfort.
  8. Alternatively, stop and remove the pump after ten minutes, refill the tube with warm water and begin again. This technique allows you to go a little bit further.
  9. If you pump a little too much and want to release some pressure, simply depress the whole valve dome. This will release a little, or a lot of pressure, depending on how long you depress the valve for.
  10. When you have finished and want to remove the pump, simply press the little grey valve button back to a central position. This will unlock the valve and immediately release all pressure. Water will pour out from the valve. (This can also be done if you need to release pressure fast, at any time.)

In Use (Our experiences):

The Hydromax x40 is very comfortable and easy to use. It is the perfect upgrade, or the perfect first purchase, for men who have passed approximately 7 inches in erect length and 6 inches in girth. Smaller guys will find the x30 most suitable, but considering that these pumps actually do work, you might consider being the optimist and grabbing the x40 right from the start. After 3 weeks of regular use, my friend noted a definite increase in size. Not just length, with half an inch increase on top of the increase already achieved with the x30, but girth too. A full inch of increase was achieved to his girth.

The results last for a considerable amount of time too. The immediate swelling, caused by the pumping, lasts for approximately one to two hours after pumping. At this time you will notice a surprisingly large difference in the length and girth of your penis and will probably have an erection for a short while after pumping. While it doesn’t remain rock hard for long, you might notice that you are in a semi erect, or swollen, state for half an hour to an hour or more. This is caused by blood and other fluids being trapped in your penis for a while before the swelling gradually subsides. It is therefore a good idea to pump your penis at times when you have no immediate plans, rather than right before hitting the gym in spandex shorts.

The biggest surprise of all though, is the long term effects. I seriously expected his penis to return to its pre-pumped, usual size, within a few hours, but my friend (Who uses the pump every few days) says that he has noticed a permanent or at the very least, a semi-permanent increase. My friend said, and I quote, “An impressive gain remains for at least a couple of days afterwards”. We are not sure if this is because he uses the pump quite often. You may notice that your penis returns to its normal size after a week or two without using the pump.

Does it hurt?

The Hydromax x 40 is easy and comfortable to use, so long as you follow the correct procedure for use (I recently read that someone had a bad/painful experience experimenting with the Hydromax pump without water.) and don’t pump past your comfort levels. There are a few things to watch out for, the first being that your foreskin can swell and remain swollen, like a donut, for a while after use. This happened with my friend on quite a few occasions and while it looks shocking, he commented that it wasn’t at all painful and it does eventually go down. You may wish to read my Hydromax x30 review if you suffer with phimosis (A tight foreskin that does not retract over the glans.) as I have more information on how this can affect your use with the Hydromax pumps over on that review.

The second thing to bear in mind is that you can suffer some bruising sensations around your pubic area where the pump rests against the body. The pressure and suction from the pump cause this to happen and it can feel a bit bruised and tender for a while. While this is uncomfortable, it is not outright painful and no bruising shows on the skin (At least, it did not with my friend.)

I also mentioned in my x30 review that it is possible to accidentally suck your testicles up into the tubing when you initially start pumping. Once you have created a seal, the risk of this happening is extremely small. The x40 pump has a larger circumference around the comfort pad and so the risk of sucking up a testicle at the beginning is higher. To avoid this happening, simply hold your testicles and pull them down, away from the entrance of the pump, while you get started.

The shower strap:

Bathmate kindly included a shower strap for review with the Hydromax x40 and my friend commented that this strap holds the pump very securely, without causing discomfort to the neck or groin and now he uses it most of the time. It allowed him to use the pump, hands free, while he showered and therefore reduced his time in the bathroom because he did not have to constantly hold onto the pump for ten to twenty minutes. I recommend picking up a shower strap, if you prefer to save some time and energy.


I must admit, I was not a believer in penis pumps and had avoided them previously, viewing them as a bit of a gimmick, or a sex toy that may increase sensation to the penis for an hour or so but that was it. Even my partner and my friend gave me embarrassed and uncomfortable giggles and disbelieving looks when I called upon them to test the Hydromax pumps. One month later my friend was enquiring after the Hydromax x40 and was absolutely serious in his desire to purchase one, whatever the price. In my opinion, that says it all. He was extremely impressed. The Hydromax range are not sex toys per se, although they do have the ability to strengthen erections and increase sensitivity to the penis, giving the user, and their partner, extra pleasure after use. I would say that these pumps provide a lot more though. They can boost confidence, increase self-esteem and can even help men who suffer with erectile dysfunction or weaker erections. That really is a big deal in my opinion. If you are considering purchasing a penis pump, I would seriously recommend skipping the simpler options and opting for one from the Bathmate Hydromax range because they are comfortable, simply to use and most importantly, they actually work. They changed our opinion on penis pumps.


You can purchase the Hydromax x40 or the smaller Hydromax x 30 from Hydromax

 The Hydromax x40 was kindly sent to me free of charge from Hydromax for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

9 replies
    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Yes, you can use it dry, but it is more efficient with water. It feels more comfortable and the pressure feels more even. On top of this, the suction is better. When you talk about the hand pump, I assume you are thinking of the Hydromax x40 Xtreme pump? The standard x40 does not come with a hand pump. Either way, they can both be used dry. It is better with water though.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      My partner is slightly smaller than you and he uses the X40. If you are worried you may be on the verge of being too big for the X30, then I would probably go for the X40, to save yourself having to buy both. Hope this helps.

  1. mike
    mike says:

    ive been using a x40 for about 6mths and have gained almost 1/2 inch in the tube and have much thicker erections. I get up early and drink my morning coffee in the bath and plan my day, It doesn’t work in the shower as air gets in but in the bath as long as its below the water level its great, feels good 🙂 I got an expensive top of the line air pump that i haven’t used since i got the x40.

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I love this comment! It is fantastic to read the affect of long term use from another user of the x40. I imagine the gains and experiences will be a little different for every male. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Pete James
    Pete James says:

    After hearing countless horror stories, I’ve always been too scared to try something like this. However, after reading this thorough review I seem to have a better understanding of how these contraptions work. Very intriguing but I’m still not quite sure if I’m ready to try. Will definitely bookmark this review for future reference!


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