Nox The Night Drake

Nox The Night Drake From Bad Dragon Review

I was very kindly sent Nox The Night Drake, in medium size, from a company called Bad Dragon. Bad Dragon are a sex toy manufacturer that produce customizable, fantasy themed dildos and I have been a huge fan, ever since I experienced my first product from them, the Anthro Dragon dildo. Since then, I have been lucky enough to try quite a few Bad Dragon’s products (See all my Bad Dragon reviews here) and I have yet to be disappointed. Rather than explain all of the fantastic custom options available to you when it comes to choosing a Bad dragon product, I have a page dedicated to Bad Dragons custom options, which explains all the options available, and how they work. Please see my Bad Dragon Custom Options page, for more details on this.

Material and Product Specification:

Nox the Night Drake is made from pure, premium quality silicone, which is odourless and phthalate free. I asked that Bad Dragon make my Nox in medium size, medium silicone firmness (5) and with a blue to purple fade plus a metallic shimmer. I also asked for a cum tube to be fitted. It turned out even better than I had hoped it would. Bad Dragon never fail to exceed even my perfectionist expectations. The surface on the Nox is highly detailed and the shaft is curved slightly, making it ideal for g-spot and prostate pleasure. There is a line of slightly raised nubs which run down the front of the shaft, beginning underneath the coronal ridge, which is prominent. The back of the Nox, which contains the most detail, has some pronounced veining and sections that look very similar to muscle fibres (These feel like gentle ripples). All of these textures combine to give to Nox a powerful, masculine appearance.

My Nox was made in medium size, which measures a substantial 6.5 inches in circumference, around the central (Middle) portion of the shaft and an even larger 8 inches in circumference around the base of the shaft (Not the base itself). The shaft, or insertable portion measures 7.5 inches in length (Approx. It is hard to get an accurate measurement due to the shape and the curve of the shaft). This is a reasonably heavy dildo, due to the proportions and the fact that it is made purely from silicone. It weighs approx 700g (1.5lb).  As you can imagine, I did feel slightly intimidated reading the dimensions of the medium Nox before it arrived. This was to be the largest (Girth) insertable toy I had experienced, but I could not resist. Can you blame me?

Other Measurements:

Circumference at the tip/head of the Nox: 5.5 inches

Circumference of the base section: 13 inches

Length of cum tube tubing: 41 inches

Syringe length: 6 inches total (5 inches without measuring the plunger)

Syringe circumference: 3.6 inches.

Syringe capacity: 60ml or 2oz

The Cum Tube in Use:

I decided to have my Nox made with a cum tube fitted as I had been curious to discover what thrills and spills (Pun intended.) could be enjoyed with a dildo that could imitate ejaculation. I was certainly not disappointed. The cum tube is fitted extremely well and Bad Dragon send a free bottle of their Cum Lube with all dildos that have a cum tube fitted. Their lubricant is so realistic looking that this just added to the realism and visual effects during use. Another advantage of the cum tube is that you can use it practically, to add more lubricant externally or internally during play, without having to stop, or remove the toy to fiddle around with a lubricant bottle. Using the cum provided even more visual stimulation for my partner too, as he enjoyed watching the ‘cum’ trickle out of me. The cum tube is fantastic for fantasy play and for practical use and thanks to the long tubing, you can comfortably lay back completely and still have a hold on the syringe yourself, without feeling like you are pulling or stretching it. However, there are some things to bear in mind when you have a cum tube fitted. Firstly, it does make the dildo a little more cumbersome. The amount of times I have clumsily wrapped the tubing around my quilt or underneath my butt or legs and then pulled on it accidentally have been high. Luckily is has been inserted and fitted well, so I have not managed to damage it. You do also end up using more lubricant per session, as you need to use approx 5ml (My best guess.) just to get it through the length of the tubing. It can also get messy. Just lay down a towel down first to avoid that worry.


Filling and Cleaning the Cum Tube:

When it comes to filling the cum tube syringe, the easiest, and least wasteful, method I found was to completely remove the plunger from the syringe, pour lubricant into the syringe while you keep your finger over the hole at the base, insert the plunger into the syringe until it just slides back into the top of the syringe (Air pressure will stop you pushing down much further anyway. Keep your finger over the hole.) then simply tip the syringe upright, remove your finger and gently depress the plunger to remove the excess air. A few bubbles of lubricant may trickle out, so have some tissue handy. Once you have expelled most of the air from the syringe,  attach the tubing and you are ready to go.

Cleaning the cum tube is relatively easy and the best way to do it is to fill up the syringe with hot, soapy water and use the plunger on the syringe to squeeze this soapy water through the tubing and the dildo. I prefer to squish through a few soapy mixtures, to wash the tubing and internal hole of the Nox thoroughly, and then finally squish through some clean, soap free, water a few times, to rinse out the soapy residue.

Nox the Night Drake In Use:

Vaginal Use:

My Nox has been made using a medium firmness (5) silicone and Bad Dragons medium firmness silicone has a similar squish to it as a gummy bear. Even though it is described as a medium, it is one of the softest silicones I have had the pleasure to use and even though this dildo is quite large, it bends, flexes and squishes easily. The surface can be squashed and indented quite easily underneath the fingertips. This softness is what makes the Nox feel surprisingly comfortable and relatively easy to insert vaginally. despite its intimidating girth. The Nox seems to conform to the insides of my body, slipping into place rather than intruding, poking or stretching me harshly. Don’t get me wrong, I still experienced a light stretching sensation and eventually, a slight ache in my vaginal muscles, but considering this is the largest toy in my collection so far, it was surprisingly easy to take and enjoy, even for longer periods of time and without prior warm up with any other toys. It felt less severe and intrusive than some of the smaller, firmer dildos I have in my collection.

The squishy nature of the silicone also ensured that the raised textures on the surface of the Nox felt gentle. Instead of feeling the little nubs, or the light ridges, rumbling in and out of me in an obvious way, I felt a light brushing, or tickling, sensation as they moved past my vulva and g-spot, which is a sensation you cannot get when using a texture free, smooth silicone dildo. The texture on the Nox definitely added a fantastic edge and more pleasure. Because the Nox is a curved (And large) dildo, I definitely felt it brushing and teasing my g-spot. Although it does hit the spot, I find the Nox is too large, heavy and cumbersome to really jiggle and thrust hard with, without ending up feeling sore, or suffering with aching arms. What I prefer using the Nox for, is providing a full sensation, which applies a nice pressure against the g-spot and a gentle, stretched feeling at the entrance to the vagina, as the texture here teases your nerve endings. So, I love to use the Nox when I want to feel something amazing inside of me while I use my favourite bullet vibrator on my clit. The stretching and brushing sensations around my vulva, plus the feeling of being filled up and having my g-spot teased at the same time, really heightens my clitoral orgasms.

I also discovered that one of the best ways to use the Nox was to ride it. This is quite a heavy toy and it does have a cumbersome base, so although lying back and fucking myself with it was satisfying, it did ache my arm after a while. Placing the Nox onto the bed, or other reasonably flat surface (Computer chair, for example.) and squatting onto it, leaves you hands free to enjoy other pleasures and because the Nox is weighty, with a very stable, ‘grabby’ (Silicone) base, it stays in place well, without toppling over or lifting from the surface as you slide up the shaft. It is perfect for riding, both anally and vaginally.

I only had one issue with regards to the size of the Nox, and that was with the length. I already knew I have limits. I cannot take the full length of most of my Tantus dildos, for example. I seem to only ever be able to insert about 6 inches of a dildo or vibrator before I feel it prodding at my cervix, so I can only insert my Nox right to the point where the shaft begins to flare or widen again. Unfortunately, this meant I could not get that glorious part of the Nox inside me and I had to be a little careful when I squatted onto it not to sit down fully. One thing I did notice was that, unlike firmer dildos, if the Nox did hit against my cervix, it didn’t feel too uncomfortable.

Anal Use:

The Nox is safe to use as an anal dildo because it has a nice, flared base. Being an anal intermediate myself, my first thought when handling the Nox in all its (Big) glory was “There is no way I will get this into my butt”, but there is just something about the Nox, that calls out for you to try. So I did. With plenty of water based lubricant, I managed to insert about 3 quarters of the Nox without any real warm up. It felt reasonably easy to insert too. The Nox did bend and flex on a few occasions but it was this softer silicone that provided a gentler, less intimidating anal experience. I was very surprised at just how comfortable it felt, and how easy it was for me to take it. I have not managed to take anything quite so large anally before, and I put it down to that gorgeous, flexible, squishy silicone. The Nox provides a gentle increase in stretching. The shaft gradually gets thicker as you move down from the smaller, tapered head (Which does provide a popping sensation as it slides in and out). Once you get to the widest section, the shaft then begins to taper back down in size. You can stop at this point if you prefer not to feel like your anus is being too stretched, or you can continue to take the next portion, which begins to flare again. So long as you take your time, the Nox will provide a comfortable, full sensation and some stretching sensations. Because it is a large, curved dildo, it will also add some pressure and direct stimulation to the prostate gland. As mentioned earlier, the Nox is perfect for riding, or squatting onto, due to its heavy base and stable design.

Don’t get me wrong, the medium Nox is probably going to be intimidating for anal beginners and I would not recommend it to you if you have not experienced any anal play before. It was intimidating enough for me and my partner ruled it out from the start. I would recommend it mostly to intermediate, verging on advanced anal fans.

Cleaning and care:

As with most silicone sex toys, the Nox attracts dust, hair and lint like crazy. It often needs another quick wash before use due to this issue, and the fact that I have no storage bags large enough to keep this beast inside. Cleaning is simple though. Simply use some antibacterial soap and hot water and give it a rub. Rinse well and leave it to air dry. (You can use a towel, but expect plenty of fluff to stick to your dildo.) If you have a cum tube fitted, please read the cum tube section above for detailed cleaning and care. I would only recommend using water based lubricants with Bad Dragon dildos, because silicone lubricant can damage silicone sex toys.


The Nox is yet another amazing dildo from Bad Dragon and I cannot find fault with it. Sure it is heavy and can be cumbersome, but it is a pretty large dildo by most standards, and being made from pure silicone, I did not expect any less. The detailing, curves and textures have been well thought out to provide great stimulation as well as give you a gorgeous dildo to admire. It looks amazing and feels simply fantastic and is a lot of fun. I would recommend it to most people, but if you know that you struggle with larger dildos in general, you might want to think twice about the Nox in medium.

Every Bad Dragon dildo is personalized to your own tastes, from choosing your most suitable size, to how firm or soft you want it to feel, to your very own colour scheme and additional extras, plus, their products are made from pure premium silicone, which means they are body safe, and never have any nasty chemical smells. (They are odourless) Honestly, what more could you ask for? You can purchase Nox The Night Drake from


Nox The Night Drake was kindly sent to me from Bad Dragon for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

17 replies
    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Well, it’s only my opinion but yes! They are amazing. I like my dildos on the softer side and the fact you can almost “make your own” is great too. I absolutely love Bad dragon products. My guy also rates their masturbation sleeve as his favourite too.

  1. ImaGodiva
    ImaGodiva says:

    I don’t have a BD yet but it’s on my short list. Your info is great and very helpful as I consider the options! This one is a beautiful color.

  2. Secretly Sensuous
    Secretly Sensuous says:

    What a pretty dildo! I’ve been eyeing BD…the “dragon” part of it isn’t my thing but the customization options are reeling me in.

    The GIF demonstrating the cum tube is immensely helpful. The color there looks really different than in the other images and GIF, and leave me wondering what the colors look like in normal light (i.e. I don’t know which is the more “normal appearance”)?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      I thought the same when the images and Vine went up. The thing is, I haven’t changed the colours and can only assume it is the backgrounds being so different (Black and white) and the black is washing the colours out. The colours match more closely to the images, rather than the Vine GIF. They are vivid and bright, like in the pictures. When I edited the pictures, I adjusted the tone (I cool the pictures, because my camera is rubbish and it takes pictures that look very yellow.) but that is all I do. I try to make the background white, match the true colour in my hand, so that the toy looks like the true colour it is. So yes, the pictures are definitely more closely matched, to the “real” colour. I did not edit the tone in both of the outdoor pictures, so those are the most true representation. I hope that helps. xx

  3. Camryn
    Camryn says:

    Again, it’s such a handsome toy. Those blues, that gleam; it came out really well. I love the picture/diagram showing the size at different points *nods approvingly* I appreciate that Bad Dragon gives you several numbers to convey the size, something about seeing it for yourself makes things much easier.


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