Bad Dragon Crackers The Cockatrice

Bad Dragon Crackers The Cockatrice Dildo Review

Crackers the Cockatrice Dildo was kindly sent to me from sex toy manufacturers Bad Dragon, for an honest review and the Cockatrice has always been one of my favourite Bad Dragon toy designs, partly because I enjoy dildos with texture, partly because of that curved, thick shaft and partly because it just looks amazing. The Cockatrice is one of the more textured dildos available at Bad Dragon and this texture starts at the very tip of the dildo, in the form of a plated, rippled glans. These ripples are not entirely smooth either, and are in part formed from little nubs, or nodules. The Cockatrice has a raised coronal ridge, which gives a subtle popping sensation during use. The shaft provides plenty of texture too. The front of the shaft is dotted with lots of small nubs. These nubs are subtle at first, (Not so raised from the surface.), but as you move further down the shaft, they become more prominent. Not to be left out, the back of the shaft is also textured, this time with a raised ridge which runs all the way from underneath the glans, to the start of the base. On either side of his ridge, you can see, and feel, some fine horizontal ridging. The base of the Cockatrice continues with this plated, nubbed texture, only here is it much more pronounced, with the nubs turning into pointed little spines and the ridges turn into deep crevices. These textured details give the Cockatrice an almost prehistoric look. Although Crackers the Cockatrice has a lot of surface texture, the shaft has an overall smooth ‘banana’ shape. Like a banana, the Cockatrice gradually gets larger in girth, and you find it’s fattest section in the middle of the shaft. After this point, the circumference of the shaft gradually slims down again. The Cockatrice really is a work of dildo art.

Crackers The Cockatrice Spec:

For those who don’t know, Bad Dragon dildos are highly customizable, from size options, to colour options, to different silicone firmness options and much more. This means each product made is completely unique. It also means you get to design your chosen product to look and feel exactly how you want it to look and feel. (With a few exceptions.) Not many sex toy manufacturers offer such fantastic service. If you are unfamiliar with all the custom options available on Bad Dragon sex toys, or are a little unsure as to what I mean when I refer to them throughout this review, I recommend taking a look at my Bad Dragon Custom Options page first. This page will explain all the custom options available, in much more detail.

I ordered my Crackers The Cockatrice in a small size, hard silicone firmness (8) and in toy specific colours “Regal Alpha”. I also asked for my Cockatrice to be made with a suction cup base, which, like the cum tube, is an additional custom option. I always suggest checking the dimensions of your Bad Dragon toy before you order (There is a size chart listed on each product page on the Bad Dragon website.) because even some of the small Bad Dragon toys could be considered quite large for some. To give you an idea what I mean, my small Crackers the Cockatrice measures 6.5 inches in insertable length (8 inches total length, when you include the base.) and it has a 6.25 inch circumference around its largest section (The central shaft area.) This means that the small Cockatrice could be considered to be “On the large side” so, always pay attention to those size charts.

My Experiences With Crackers The Cockatrice:

Vaginal Use:

As mentioned, I like textured dildos, but not for g-spot play. The simple fact is that I like my g-spot stimulation to be fast and furious with plenty of jiggling. Using large, textured silicone dildos in this way can cause friction and chafing around my vulva pretty fast and the Cockatrice was no exception. Its large girth, matte silicone and raised textures, all combine to create a fair amount of drag and intense stimulation, which is fabulous at slower speeds, but can be uncomfortable when moving fast and hard. Funnily enough, the Cockatrice does actually find my g-spot very well, and I can use it for g-spot play for short periods of time. It just isn’t ideal. You can’t have it all though and the Cockatrice excels in other areas. It provides fantastic sensations when I used it as a non g-spot dildo. Slow penetration with the Cockatrice allowed me to feel a combination of gentle stretching as I worked up to the large central shaft, and a subtle, but noticeable brushing sensation as all of those ridges and nodules surrounding the shaft began to brush gently against my vulva and labia. Once I passed the largest section of the shaft, and the Cockatrice began to slim down, the stretching sensations are not as noticeable, but at this point, the nodules, which are more prominent on the lower half of the shaft, become a little more noticeable as they teased my entrance. I managed to fully insert the Cockatrice, which I was thrilled about, because I have a shallow cervix and often struggle to fully insert dildos that are any longer than 6 inches. (For example, I cannot fully insert any of my Tantus dildos.) Being able to fully insert the Cockatrice felt like an accomplishment, I felt like I could actually sit down on this dildo, or allow my partner to use it on me without causing cervical pain. Another thing that impressed me was that the Cockatrice, once inserted, actually stayed inside me, hands free (While laying down anyway.) acting in a similar way to a butt plug, with the bulbous shaft, providing a really full feeling and holding the dildo inside me. I mainly use the Cockatrice for slower play and because it stays inside me, hands free, I can also use my We-Vibe Tango to achieve clitoral orgasms while the Cockatrice provides internal stimulation.

Anal Use:

The flared base makes the Cockatrice a safe anal dildo, but it is just too large for my partner and I to comfortably enjoy anally. We would class ourselves as intermediates in this area. However, for more advanced anal players, looking for a step up in size, or a bit of a challenge, I think the Cockatrice would be ideal. it would really suit people looking for anal stretching, and anyone who enjoys texture. If you also enjoy feeling full, or need a curved toy for prostate play, then this is the dildo for you. Its shape acts as a butt plug, of sorts, allowing the Cockatrice to stretch and fill you in much the same way as I experienced during vaginal use.

The Suction Cup:

My Cockatrice has a a suction cup base and this is probably not obvious when you first take a look at my pictures. Unlike a lot of manufacturers, Bad Dragon do not add a suction cup to their toys in the form of an extra attachment of some sorts, instead what they do is simply hollow out the silicone base of their dildos a little, and this creates the cup. It works exceptionally well too. I have stuck this toy to plenty of flat, solid surfaces and I can pull on the Cockatrice using the full strength in one arm, stretching the Cockatrice dramatically, yet the dildo stays stuck. The suction cup is more than strong enough to hold the Cockatrice in position, when needed, for both vaginal and anal use. When I want to free the Cockatrice, I simply slide my nail under one edge of the base and it falls free effortlessly. This is the perfect suction cup, not becoming a burden like some others, remaining extremely strong yet also easy to remove.

The differences between Bad Dragons Medium and Firm Silicone:

I have a few dildos from Bad Dragon now, and all of the others are made with a medium firmness silicone. I thought it was about time I tried Bad Dragons firm silicone so that I could tell you how the medium and firm silicone compares. The differences in Bad Dragon’s medium and firm silicone is definitely noticeable, but it is not  drastically different, as I imagined it would be. At least, it isn’t when I compare my Nox The Night Drake Dildo (Medium firmness 5.) with my Cockatrice (Hard firmness 8.) (With other Bad Dragon toys, I imagine the differences could be more, or less noticeable, depending on their shapes and sizes.) Comparing two toys with similar circumference shafts, I noticed the difference most when feeling the textured areas. On the Nox, the textured areas feel more squishy under my fingers, whereas the Cockatrice’s bumps and ridges feel firmer to the touch. I also notice that the Nox is a little more flexible and it indents under my fingertips slightly easier too. During use, my medium Nox, which has roughly the same girth as the Cockatrice, feels slightly easier to insert, whereas the Cockatrice feels like it stretches my vaginal muscles a little more, because the silicone used to create the Cockatrice is a little bit less squishy than the silicone used to create my Nox. Conversely, Crackers is able to stimulate my g-spot better, providing more pressure due to having slightly less flex to its shaft.

It is still worth noting though, that all three of Bad Dragon’s silicone firmness options, even the firm one, might be considered quite soft when compared to other leading silicone dildo manufacturers. Bad Dragons firm silicone still has plenty of squish, bend and flex to it, and when compared with silicone dildos from  Tantus, or BS is Nice, Bad Dragon silicone is quite soft indeed. My Firm silicone Crackers is softer than all of my Tantus dildos, including Tantus’ O2 range.

I would recommend choosing the firm silicone on any Bad Dragon dildo that you intend to use mostly for g-spot play or anal. Ensure you choose a dildo that is comfortably sized for your body, because if you choose a dildo that is too large for you, or with lots of texture, the firm silicone may be slightly uncomfortable for lots of hard g-spot or anal thrusting, just like Crackers was for me. The firm silicone is flexible and squishy enough to be comfortable, but it is also firm enough for easy insertion. (Firm silicone dildos are less likely to bend in half as you try to insert it anally, for example.) However, if you want a dildo for more general use, including simulating intercourse, hard and gentle thrusting, and providing full feelings, I would recommend opting for the medium silicone, especially if it is for vaginal use, although you must remember that different shaped toys will feel different, for example, the really thin toys may be best in a firm silicone, so that they do not flop over or bend easily during insertion. It really is tricky to decide, but Bad Dragon are always on hand to offer their professional advice.

Cleaning and Care:

Bad Dragon dildos are made from high quality, body safe, odourless silicone, making them much easier to keep clean. As is usually the case with silicone dildos though, Crackers the Cockatrice is a lint magnet. I always have to give the Cockatrice a wash before use. Being a solid silicone dildo, cleaning is as simple as rubbing it down with some hot, soapy water and rinsing it off. Being made from silicone, they can also be sterilized using a 10% bleach 90% water solution, or even boiled (Avoid letting the dildo touch the side of the pan. You can also pop them in the dishwasher. So, easy and simple to get hygienically clean. I would recommend only using water based lubricants with Bad Dragon dildos, as silicone lubricant could potentially damage the surface of your toy.


Crackers The Cockatrice would suit anyone who enjoys textured insertable toys and is looking for a dildo that is larger than average.  The Cockatrice has been designed perfectly for enjoyable anal and vaginal use and I would say that the Cockatrice is one of the more ‘intense’ dildos I own. It is certainly a firm favourite of mine. It has the perfect shape to provide a little bit of everything from stretching, and full sensations, to g-spot stimulation. It also provides lots of teasing feelings around the vulva, in the form of the textured detailing on the shaft. The Cockatrice, and all Bad Dragon dildos, for that matter, are not just dildos, but works of art that take pride of place in my collection. It’s obvious when you look at their products that a lot of time, effort and skill has gone into each and every design, but Bad Dragon go further still, allowing the customer to imprint their own personal desires onto their chosen toy, from colour choices to silicone firmness options, and in each and every way, their end products are perfect (In my opinion) I am a huge fan of Bad Dragons silicone, and I have yet to find a silicone dildo that I enjoy the feel of more than Bad Dragon’s dildos.

You can purchase Crackers The Cockatrice here at Bad Bragon


Crackers The Cockatrice was kindly sent to me from Bad Dragon for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

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      Glad it helped you. I love Bad Dragons medium silicone, but just had to experience the firm so I could tell you all about the differences. There will be a video review showing the differences soon too. (Snowed under!) Hopefully it will help people choose their own “ideal” Thanks for the comment. I agree, it is a beautiful dildo! 😀


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