The Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys Book Review

I was kindly sent The Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys book from Cleis Press for an honest review. This book was written by Violet Blue (Forward by Charlie Glickman) and this is a fantastic book for anyone interested in sex and more specifically, sex toys. Aside from introducing the readers to a vast array of sex toys and kinky products on the market, The Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys delves deeper and provides the reader with a continuous supply of tips, hints and tricks throughout each chapter, on such things as communicating effectively with your partner, ways to introduce sex toys to your relationship, including ideas on buying sex toys as gifts, how to bring up conversations about fantasies, bondage, kinky play and much more. This book also challenges stereotypes, helping readers to break down any fears or misconceptions surrounding their desires, or sexual proclivities in a positive and informative way.

Another thing that prevails throughout the book is safety, and there is plenty of useful information on subjects such as safe sex, how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous sex toy materials, and STDs, safe words, how to shop for sex toys safely online and choosing the safest toys for things like anal play and bondage. There are even references to other reputable sources, on topics like knot tying. These safety tips are scattered liberally throughout the book, giving the reader the knowledge and the power to make informed decisions. Also supplied are references to recommended retailers, who specialize in the toys discussed in that chapter.

Chapter 1: Basic Models, and Care and Feeding of Your Toys.

This chapter introduces the reader to sex toys. It discusses the ‘Novelty’ market versus ‘Pleasure instruments’ and what is best to avoid or seek out, depending on your needs. This chapter begins to introduce you to some fantastic companies that design better quality, body safe toys before going on to explain the different categories of sex toys in much more detail. This chapter is packed with fascinating information on sex toy materials and what to avoid.

Chapter 2: First Time Toys and Gifts.

This chapter is packed full of useful advice on choosing your first sex toy, either for yourself or for your partner. It provides lots of useful tips on how to begin talking about sex toys with a partner and methods for introducing them into the bedroom. It also delves into more detail on the main categories of sex toys available (Vibrators, dildos anal toys and more.) and this chapter will give you details on which toys are best for stimulating different parts of the body. It helps you to choose the most suitable toy for you or your partner

Chapter 3: Come Together

This chapter focuses on using sex toys as part of a couple. It discusses many ways to introduce sex toys to a partner, and ways to overcome that initial fear and communicating effectively. It then goes on to discuss different ways to use sex toys as part of a couple, and the thrills that can be had when doing so. It introduces some great couple toys to experiment with, like remote controlled vibrators, cock rings, oral sex toys, make your own dildo moulding kits and more.

Chapter 4: Kinky Toys For two

In this chapter, we read about the range of kinky toys available on the market, from bondage toys, like cuffs and restraints, to impact toys like floggers and whips. This chapter discusses bondage and impact play, how different impact toys feel for the receiver and most importantly, how to play safe and consensually. It also gives tips, tricks and ideas for using your new kinky equipment for best results.

Chapter 5: Strap-Ons and Bend Over Boyfriend

This whole chapter is devoted to strap on play, or pegging. It goes into detail about why pegging is enjoyable and it busts down myths surrounding sexuality. This chapter then goes on to discuss how to build up slowly to pegging, for pain free, enjoyable experiences. It talks about the wide array of strap on and even strapless harness options available and what kind of harness you should choose and what to avoid. It finishes by giving the reader lots of tips and ideas of things to incorporate into strap on play to really get the juices flowing.

Chapter 6: Teledildonic Toys: Online Sex For two

This chapter discusses developments in sex toy technology that allow couples to indulge in sex over the internet. From tips to putting on a good web cam show, to USB sex toys that can be remotely controlled by your partner over the Internet. It gives details about how these technologies work.

Chapter 7: Sex machines

Moving up to the larger toys on the market, again with links to great companies that sell these machines and how they function, giving more details on some of the more known sex machines, like the Sybian, and talking about more high end, specialized sex machines that can be custom made and where to shop for them. Images show some of these machines and some are mind blowing. Again lots of links to the sites to get them from and recommendations of the good sex machines

Chapter 8: Exotic Sex Toys

This chapter delves into exotic sex toys that move away from the novelty market and focus on luxury. Some even works of art made from materials such as glass (Pyrex) heavy metals, like stainless steel, titanium and gold, and stone, granite and precious gems too. The chapter then moves on to talk about niche markets, like animal and alien dildos, even religious sex toys, like the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. This chapter offers links to places where you can shop for your ultimate fantasy sex toys.

Chapter 9: Sex Furniture

This chapter focuses on sex furniture, from sex position pillows, to chairs, beds and sex swings. It discusses the main types of sex furniture in more detail and the advantages to using sex furniture, including how it can help people with disability or mobility issues to enjoy more comfortable sex. Again, more great links to the companies that specialize in sex furniture.

Chapter 10: Shop Smart and Recommended Resources

A packed chapter full of links to more information, recommended retailers for items, information on safe smart shopping online or in store, a page of recommended reading articles and books to further the knowledge you gleaned from this book and finishing off with tips on safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and which acts can spread them.


The book was an interesting read and contains a wealth of information for budding sex toy enthusiasts. I consider myself more advanced when it comes to sex toys, but even I found some new information, great tips and links to some fabulous companies that specialize in certain areas, that I had not heard of before. This book is fabulous for all levels of experience, but what I love most about the book, aside from the knowledge it provides, is the fact that it busts down myths surrounding the use of sex toys, and portrays them positively and with an open mindedness that allows the reader to think “This isn’t so scary, this is fun and exciting.” It gives them the knowledge and allows them to see sex toys for what they are and the fun they can provide to anyone and everyone. You can purchase the Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys here from Cleis Press.

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