Toy With Me Tuesday: Predator and Prey

I was lucky enough to witness recently, these two sex toys in their natural habitat. Nature is such a beautiful thing but you really have to fight to survive in the wild. I have no idea what this leopard was doing on the great plains of the UK (Otherwise known as my back garden… Work with me here.) but it was certainly stalking something…
Toy with me Tuesday Safari
It has its target locked in site…A cow (No Zebras in the UK, only leopards, k?) The cow hears
the rustling and startled,it glances up from its grazing. The tension was mounting….
 Toy with me tuesday june_1_600
Unfortunately, for reasons which include graphic violence (And lack of imagination.)
I could not share with you what happened next. But rest in peace cow friend, rest in peace…
BS is Nice Vaca

I am hoping the Discover Channel like my work and sign me up. What do you reckon?

See who else is taking inventive pictures of their sex toys this Tuesday by clicking the button below.
Toy with me Tuesday
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