Swoon Smooth Mover Lube

Swoon, Smooth Mover, Water Based Lubricant Review

I received this bottle of Swoon, Smooth Mover, water based lubricant from Lovehoney for an honest review and I must admit I am a fan of the packaging. I love the colours and the old style feminine inspired images. I could easily picture this packaging on the shelves of supermarkets or chemists. along with fancy bath and shower products. very nice indeed.

The Swoon lubricant itself however, did not impress me as much I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad lube, but it is not a particularly great lube either. I would describe it as average and it is not a product I would want to purchase continuously when I know there are better lubricants available for a lower price.

I guess my main issue with Swoon Lube is that it does not feel as slick as most of the other brands of water based lubricant I own, or have tried. My first test was to rub the lubricant into the back of my hand. Both Sliquid and Durex water based lubricants felt very slippery and I could spread them out thinly over my skin, rubbing for a long while before they became dry. Each of these lubricants left a nice buffer between my finger pads and the back of my hand. Swoon lube, however, did not stay slick for very long at all and after spreading it out thinly, I began to feel friction between my fingers and hand very quickly. Swoon lube seems to lack that velvet soft, silky sensation that I look for in a good lubricant. It also dries slightly tacky.

This transferred to intimate use too. Using Swoon lubricant made me “feel” wetter, and if you use enough, it feels reasonably slick and slippery, but this sensation doesn’t last for too long before I could feel friction again. Even though I felt wet with the lubricant, it didn’t seem to reduce the friction very much. It also smells faintly chemically (To me it smelled like chlorine, or washing up liquid.) and tastes quite bitter and nasty, which I understand that a lot of water based lubes can do, but with Swoon lube, the taste is stronger than both Durex and Sliquid. I wouldn’t recommend it for oral sex. Another thing to bear in mind is that you can get a little messy with Swoon lubricant because it is quite runny. You have this desire to keep applying more due to the lack of slickness, while at the same time feeling very wet and sloppy.

Swoon lubricant does have some redeeming features. It is water based, which makes it suitable for use for vaginal, anal and with sex toys and it is hypoallergenic being free from parabens, glycerine, and propylene glycol. Its advertising says 99% natural. (Erm?) It did not cause any reactions with me, and I have a very sensitive vulva, so that is good news.

It would describe Swoon Lubricant as a gentle lube, ideal for mild play but not designed for heavy duty use. For example, it works well as a basic lubricant for gentle or less intense masturbation sessions, or some gentle toy play, but if you are planning anything heavy, like anal sex, or using large toys (Or even toys that cause a lot of drag generally during use, like silicone.) then I would avoid Swoon Lube and would recommend Sliquid Sassy as a more ideal, heavy duty lubricant.


You can purchase Swoon, Smooth Mover Lubricant from lovehoney.co.uk

Swoon, Smooth Mover lubricant was kindly sent to me free of charge by lovehoney.co.uk for an honest review. This does not sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post. 
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