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Fun Factory, Stronic Drei Review

The Stronic Drei was kindly sent to me from a UK based sex toy company called Simply Pleasure. I really like this company. The staff are friendly and very helpful. I was not entirely sure what was going to turn up at my door when I agreed to review for Simply Pleasure, however the surprise was exciting. My box arrived swiftly and was packaged discreetly. My excitement turned to outright shock when I saw what was laying within the packaging. The Stronic Drei.

For anyone who is not sure why I was so thrilled to be holding this glorious beast sex toy in my hands, let me explain.. See, the Stronic Drei is not your ordinary sex toy. It does not vibrate, it pulsates. The Stronic Drei is part of the Fun factory, “Stronic” range which includes the well known, well loved and often talked about, Stronic Eins. The Stronic toys contain innovative technology (What is described as metal, moving through a hollow interior.) which produces rhythmic pulses. This, in turn, simulates thrusting movements. The Stronic Drei thrusts. Let that sink in for a minute, and if you are still in doubt, check out my video review below to watch this powerful toy running through all it’s settings. For now, check out this Vine:

If you are anything like me (Cynical, basically) you are probably thinking to yourself “Oh yes, this “thrusting” technology business again. The same thrusting technology I have seen on many, many rabbits and other such toys over the years. This “Thrusting” technology in which the motors stop if you so much as squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the toy.” It seemed to have been a distant dream to experience a quality toy that could actually thrust. Many companies tried, and failed. Then along came Fun factory and simply knocked the ball out of the park. This toy is AWESOME. Short of an actual fucking machine, I cannot imagine you would get a better, or more powerful thrusting action from a hand held, compact sex toy. When you turn the Stronic Drei on, you experience your whole arm wobble and shake, right up to your shoulder. Insert the toy and, if you are like me (Have some wobbly bits) you will witness your stomach and breasts wobble. The first time I held the Stronic, images of jack hammers and men drilling for oil flashed through my mind. (My mind works in strange ways.)

Product Spec:

After my initial inspection I got more familiar with the functions and product spec. The Stronic Drei measures  9.5 inches in total length. The shaft measures 5.5 inches of insertable length until you reach the flared base. If you include the flare, then the total length of the shaft (The whole silicone section.) is 7 inches. The shaft measures a reasonably average 5 inches in Circumference and the flared base measures just under 8 inches in circumference. The base isn’t perfectly round. It is actually formed from two raised sections, or large, ridged nubs. One nub sits on the top of the shaft and the other sits underneath. I think the idea here, is to have one nub stimulating your clit and the other stimulating your anus, when the Drei is inserted.


Figuring out how the Drei works without an operating manual can be confusing, so let me explain the functions. The Drei has three buttons on the handle. One is red and labelled “fun” This is the power button and its main function is to turn the Stronic on and off. This is a fantastic feature because it allows you turn the toy off quickly with a simply click of the red button, rather than having to scroll through patterns or holding down a button for 3/4 seconds. The Stronic Drei always begins on the same setting. This is a constant, medium speed thrust. Once started you now have the choice between two buttons, one marked plus (+) and the other marked minus (-)
  • The Plus Button (+) These are described as the constant, dynamic modes and from what I experience, these modes are designed with a constant back and forth movement to some degree or another. You have faster thrusts, jiggles, slow thrusts and even 2 pattern settings which I would describe as waves, the speed gently builds up and slows down.
  • The Minus button (-) These are described as algorithmic modes and again from scrutinising these modes, they seem to have less constant movement. The best way I can describe these modes would be to compare them to pulsing settings. (Thrust, stop, thrust stop)
I actually enjoy most of the modes that the Stronic Drei provides because each one feels different and provides a different sensation during use, from jiggles, to mini thrusts, to jabbing, to rattling and rumbling, the Drei brings a lot of stimulation in different ways. The Drei is surprisingly quiet considering it’s power. It makes a really gentle chuffing sound. This cannot be heard from across the room, let alone outside the bedroom with the door closed

Other features:

But we haven’t finished yet because the Stronic Drei also has some other great features. It is rechargeable for a start, and it holds a charge extremely well, offering up to 3 hours of play time on a single, full charge. It uses innovative “click and charge” technology and this simply means the charger magnetically attracts to the pins on the base of the Drei allowing it to click into place and begin charging. It doesn’t work perfectly because any movement seems to disengage the pins from the toy and break the charge, but once in place, it works well so long as you don’t fidget with the toy. The Drei is also completely waterproof, which makes it so much more versatile. On top of this, the Stronic Drei comes with a lock feature , which means that you can lock the controls and avoid any embarrassing situations in which the power button could be accidentally pressed, starting the toy. (This function is great for travelling.) To lock the Drei, you simply hold down the red “fun” button and the minus (-) button together for a few seconds and the toy will lock. To unlock it, hold down the red “fun” button and the plus (+) button at the same time for a few seconds.

My experiences using the Stronic Drei:

I must admit to a little hesitance before I first used this toy. The Stronic Drei has a very textured (Ribbed.) shaft. Not only that, but the luxurious, high grade silicone used to form the shaft is very matte, which I know from experience can cause drag, or friction. My thoughts had now jumped from “Wow” to “Oww”. because I imagined that the matte silicone, the intense ridging and that insane power would combine together to produce the most uncomfortable shag I had ever received.

So let me clear a few things up. Yes, the material causes quite a high amount of drag during use and this can be uncomfortable without lashings of water based lubricant. (Stick to water based lube as silicone lube could damage the silicone material on the Drei.) With lubricant, the drag is minimised to a comfortable, enjoyable level. As for the texture, it is definitely noticeable during use and if you are particularly bothered by rumbling sensations, or by those popping sensations experienced as ridges slide in and out of you, then you might want to avoid the Drei and take a look at the Stronic Eins instead. It does always take a little while for me to warm up to the Drei and I certainly cannot slide it straight inside of me from a cold start. You will feel each ridge slide into your entrance but with plenty of lube and by warming up a little first, I discovered that those sensations were not too intense at all. (And I have a very sensitive vulva.)

After insertion, I hesitated again before switching the Drei on. I imagined (after feeling the power in my hands) that as soon as I switched this toy on, it was going to either jab me painfully in the cervix, or it was going to chafe and pull at my internal skin like crazy and start a fire down there. (Again with the imagination) but I pushed the big red button marked “Fun” and the Drei sprung into life. The first thing I noticed was that the thrusting motion is not as dramatic as I imagined. What I mean by this is that the thrusting is quite shallow and the sensation is more of a jiggle than a deep thrust. With my mind (and cervix) put at ease I could lay back and enjoy the sensations. It didn’t take me long to learn that the gentler I held the handle, the more thrusting movement I felt inside. If you have a death grip on the handle, you are holding the toy still and stopping it from performing it’s movements. I discovered that, most of the time, I could let go of the handle entirely and let the Drei do the work without interference, only repositioning it if I felt it slipping out. Another tip is to just hold one or two fingers over the end, stopping the Stronic from moving backwards and slipping out of you, while still allowing it to thrust inside you.

The slower the speed setting is, the more of a thrusting movement you will feel, the higher the speed, the more it feels like a jiggle. I do not mean a fluttering, fleeting little jiggle but actually a whole body shaking jiggle. I am not kidding. I looked down at one point to witness my boobs and belly wobbling while this machine was inserted and switched on and my partner, who was laying beside me in our king sized bed, could feel the movement travel through the mattress. THAT kind of jiggle.

The Drei has been designed for g-spot (and prostate) stimulation. It has a curved head, deep ridging, the matte silicone and the thrusting action. These factors all combined, gave me very intense g-spot stimulation. If you enjoy  jiggling sensations up against your g-spot, then you are probably going to enjoy the Drei. It takes away the hard work (and risk of repetitive strain injury) from manually jiggling. The only problem, for me anyway, is that I need jiggling and firm pressure together, to reach g-spot orgasms and you can’t have it both ways with the Stronic. If you grab that handle and press it firmly into your g-spot, you lose some (not all) of the thrusting movement) if you let it do its own thing, then it jiggles perfectly but there is not so much pressure.  For this reason the Drei could not give me g-spot orgasms in the way I had hoped, but it certainly built me up intensely (and quickly) and provided plenty of amazing sensation to enjoy until I was ready to finish, and then I had to use the toy manually to push me over. I also did not really feel any clitoral stimulation from the raised nub. rather, the nubs tended to fill the entrance to my vagina and stretch this area if I pushed the Drei deeply enough. This felt good, of course, but the design does not work well for hitting the clitoris as intended. (In my experience.)

Not to be overlooked, the Stronic Drei is also suitable for anal use, due to the flared base. Unfortunately it was just too big and textured for us to attempt this toy anally because we are anal novices really, but I can imagine a lot of people will experience some very intense anal stimulation from this little machine.


As a sex toy reviewer, it isn’t often that a new toy can come along and really excite me. The Stronic Drei managed this feat and really impressed me. It is just so unique. The quality of this toy is amazing and you know you are holding a gorgeous. luxurious item that has been built extremely well. It has some niggles (The silicone attracts a lot of dust and the charger connection can be a little fussy) but nothing that makes me feel any less amazed or impressed with this product. It is a very powerful and enjoyable little thrusting machine and there is nothing quite like it on the market at the moment.

Video Review:


Thrill Me Simply Pleasure

The Stronic Drei was kindly sent to me free of charge by Simply Pleasure for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post. Affiliate links are used in this post.

11 replies
  1. KRose
    KRose says:

    What a very nice review and thank you fo showing all the features! I want to take a vow of celibacy for the one I love, while he gets his life together. This toy is shaped very similar to him, and I love the color and features. I’ve been looking for a toy like this (I don’t use toys often at all due to pride, but in this current point in my life, I believe it’s a worthy investment.) After uncovering my full sexual abilities with this man, I’ve gained better perspective of what I want, in terms of size and shape! Can’t wait to receive it in the mail, thank you again.

  2. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    I bought this for my gf for her birthday, and she was very happy.
    the way the internal workings are described reminds me of one of those handheld jackhammers. basically there is a piston inside that moves back and forth, much like the motion of the Blueballs machine. at the other end, there is the chisel, but there is nothing that is connecting the two. There is a sealed chamber, and as the piston moves forward, it compresses the air, making the chisel move forward. when it moves backwards, it creates a vacuum, pulling the piston back. this happens many times per second. I wonder if inside there is something like that. I doubt she would be happy with me if I were to open it up to take a look!

  3. OH&W
    OH&W says:

    We got one this summer and love it. We both use it, her vaginally and me for my prostate. We experienced everything exactly as you related.

  4. Camilla A
    Camilla A says:

    Bought one of these after reading your review and WOW! I have only ever orgasmed from straight intercourse without clitoral stimulation a couple of times in 30 years but the Drei gets me off maybe once in three just from internal stimulation. That said I find using it in conjunction with my Wahl 7 in 1 (American plug-in toy) is just perfect and not only gets me off quickly but makes for a strong and so wide spread and orgasm I just wish I had found this combination sooner!

  5. Camryn
    Camryn says:

    Y’know, I’ve been kind of ignoring these things because I thought the Stronic was too bulky looking and the Zwei was marketed as for men, but this one…
    I’m having such a Goldilocks moment *laughs*
    I’m not sure about the texture, as I’ve yet to purchase a textured toy (shame on me, must make up mind!), but it’s much more visually appealing than the others and after hearing how much you like it I’d be willing to give it a shot. One more toy to toss on my “If I Was Rich” list *grins*


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