Fun Factory Duke Review

Fun Factory Duke Prostate Stimulator Review

I was kindly sent the Fun Factory Duke from a fantastic UK based sex toy company called Simply Pleasure. It is always a pleasure reviewing for this company (I want to say “Simply pleasurable”.) because the staff are friendly and super helpful. The Duke arrived with the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, which is another fantastic Fun Factory toy. My items arrived swiftly and were packaged discreetly in a plain brown box.

So, one of my first thoughts when I removed the Duke from the box was “Well, this is a weird shape” It took me a few seconds to picture which way around it should be inserted. Let me explain. You want to have the flexible silicone prong that curves away from the base, to be resting up against your perineum, (The area between your testicles and anus.) not up between your bum cheeks as I initially imagined. This seems counter intuitive because that means the top bulb will be pointing away from your prostate. Do not worry, the Duke is designed this way and it is the central shaft that will rest against the prostate instead.

I wouldn’t say the Duke was a beginners toy, simply because the circumference around the middle section, where the top prong juts away from the central shaft, measures 4.25 inches and my partner said that this section felt a little fiddly to insert, it did also stretch him slightly. My partner is reasonably new to anal toys and cannot comfortably take an average (I am going to say 5 inch circumference.) sized dildo, at the moment, but he managed to use the Duke with barely any warm up, or initial stretching. For this reason I would describe the Duke as being the next step up from beginner anal toys. We believe that the super soft, flexible silicone is what helps to make the Duke feel less severe or intrusive.

The Duke is a rechargeable toy, which is another major bonus as it saves buying batteries all the time. It uses Fun Factories trademark “Click and Charge” technology, which simply means the charger magnetically attracts to the two metal pins on the base of the Dukes vibrator. It works well but any movement during a charge can break the connection, so I advise leaving the Duke on a flat surface and refraining from moving the toy or the charger during a charge. The instruction manual indicates that the average battery charging time is 2 hours. I am not entirely sure how long a full charge lasts (It doesn’t seem to say.) but we have used it three or four times (Over an hours worth of play time, at least.) without noticing any drop in power, or need for a recharge.

In use:

The Duke has been designed to provide multiple sensations. The top bulge (The one that you insert first) provides a feeling of fullness and depth, as well as adding an anchor (of sorts) keeping the toy inserted securely. At first, my partner was worried that this top bulge would provide too much depth, but in use, he found it more comfortable than he expected. The central shaft is slightly curved and this ensured that the top half of the central shaft rested up against his prostate perfectly.  Lastly, the curved prong that juts away from the base of the central section. This is designed to curve up and rest up against your perineum. The large bullet travels half way up the central shaft which means that the Duke feels more rigid in this shaft, specifically around the base, or the section that your anus will be resting around.

I would recommend using plenty of water based lubricant to insert the Duke, because the silicone has a matte texture and it will drag against your skin uncomfortably without lubrication. Each of the prongs are extremely flexible and conform well with the shape of his body. Because of the flexibility, my partner said that the Duke felt really comfortable to wear, even though it is one of the larger toys in his collection. We also discovered that the Duke was suitable to wear during movement (Sex, for example) as he didn’t experience any prodding or poking sensations that he has experienced before with rigid anal toys. It stayed in place too,  even during excessive movement, making the Duke suitable for all kinds of hands free fun. Wearing the Duke during masturbation and sex, increased the intensity of my partners orgasms.

The Vibrations:

The Duke has 6 vibration settings. (3 Continuous speeds and 3 patterns.)  This is what the product description says anyway, but I continuously counted  5 settings. My partner also counted five. I finally figured out what the problem was. My Duke DOES have 6 vibration patterns,  but I have to press the button extremely quickly (Tap it, basically.) to experience all 6 settings. It is rare for me to find all 6. Holding the button down, even for the length of time it takes for a “normal” button click, is too slow (It would seem) and causes our Duke to completely skip past one particular setting (One of the continuous speeds.) Bizarre! I am unsure if this is the case with all Dukes, or if we just have a slightly defective toy. Operating the Duke is simple too. There is one button and pressing it once turns the vibrator on. Each press of the button thereafter will scroll the vibrator through its settings until reaching the last one, an additional click here will turn the vibrator off. You can also turn it off by holding the button down continuously for 3 or 4 seconds.

The vibrations do travel really well throughout the entire toy, which was surprising because silicone can often muffle or dull the vibrations. The motor is clearly strong enough to ensure that the vibrations travel all the way through the material, right to the tip of each prong and the intensity is pretty much the same in those areas as it is in the central shaft of the Duke. This was pleasing. The vibrations are very rumbling and low frequency which means they travel deeper into the prostate and anal tissue and generally feel nicer than buzzy, surface level vibrations. (In my partners opinion) The noise level is average. I have quieter toys in my collection but the Duke is by no means loud. The sound cannot be heard from behind a closed door, especially with a little background noise or a duvet over you, to muffle the sounds.

As a side note, you can remove the bullet from the silicone section. This comes in handy for experimenting with the bullet alone. You can use it to run up and down your penis, insert it into the top of masturbation sleeves and even use it on a female parter to provide some fantastic clitoral stimulation. You can also insert the Dukes lower arm into the vagina and lay the central portion up against the clitoris, which also feels great. It is quite versatile.

Cleaning and care:

The Duke is not a waterproof vibrator and this means you have to take extra care when cleaning. However, the bullet can be removed from the silicone section completely. This ensures that you can give the silicone section a thorough wash in hot, soapy water. I found the bullet was easy enough to clean if I used a wet cloth, a wet wipe or a spray and wipe with some anti bacterial sex toy cleaner. I would suggest only using water based lubricant with the Duke, as silicone or oil based lubricants could damage the silicone material. The Duke is made from body safe, medical grade silicone, making it non porous and hypo-allergenic, but as with all silicone sex toys, it does gather dust and lint easily.


The Duke is an extremely good anal vibrator and prostate massager. It functions well as a plug, staying in place hands free for as long as required. At the same time, it can be used as a gentle thrusting toy as the shaft is reasonably smooth and the girth doesn’t vary dramatically. It is comfortable, due to the soft sensation from the matte silicone and the huge flexibility in the prongs necks. It conforms well to the body. The vibrations are deep and rumbling and they also travel well through the silicone. If you enjoy quite strong vibrations against the prostate, you will probably enjoy the Duke. I might avoid recommending the Duke for newcomers  to anal, due to the reasonably girthy, central shaft.  It would recommend the Duke to intermediates, for guys who do not enjoy being too stretched and for guys who love vibrations and rubbing sensations against their prostate. Overall, the Fun Factory Duke is a fantastic, prostate pleasing, anal toy.


You can purchase the Fun Factory Duke from Simply Pleasure, along with a great range of other Fun factory products.


Thrill Me Simply Pleasure

The Duke was kindly sent to me free of charge free of charge by Simply Pleasure for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.

4 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I agree about the 6th mode. I can’t find it, and I have two bullets, one sent as a replacement because Fun Factory initially thought the bullet was defective. They later changed their web site to indicate five vibration modes with the red button bullet, not the original black button bullet (which was stiffer and a pain to deal with).

    I really wish they had a 6th vibration mode and it was a constant mode at a lower level than the first mode. It would make it a lot easier to warm up to the faster and stronger modes. Unlike most, I seem to do better with low to mid-range vibration levels.

    Most times, I find it better to have the vibrations somewhat diffused (although not weak). The Lux Lx3+ (slightly larger version of the Lux Lx3 reviewed here) and the Jopen Ego e4 (now discontinued) work well because they have low vibration modes and can get more than strong enough for me despite having their motors in the perineal arm.

    I really like the effect of the Duke once I am warmed up. I just wished they had an initial low vibration level for their 6th mode in the bullet.

  2. Wenkor
    Wenkor says:

    On full power the battery lasts for about an hour and the recharge time seems to be around one hour too. The manual only says that the MAXIMUM recharge time is two hours. The battery lasting is a bit of an minus since one hour is really nothing on full power.. Sometimes im only getting there around the one hour mark and then the power runs out. Although on lower powers it lasts for almost two hours. Might last even longer if you use some of the pulsating settings. Otherwise a great device!

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I find this is true with many rechargeable vibrators (where the manual states the longest possible run time, usually only achieveable by using the least powerful settings). It can be very frustrating when you want to enjoy a long session!


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