Sinful Sunday: Distance Didn’t Stop Him

Until recently, I was in a long distance relationship. We would meet every six weeks but in between those times, we only had webcam and Skype to keep us feeling connected. I used to take advantage of the distance, knowing my bottom was out of reach. I got cheeky. It didn’t take him long to devise plans to make me suffer….
It began with spanking myself in front of the webcam:
Sinful Sunday Distance Didnt Stop Him

Self punishment.

As embarrassing as it was having to spank myself, I soon got over that (It never stings the same as someone else’s
spanks, does it?) and so I began with the bratty behaviour again. I thought I was being clever. Then this happened…..
Sinful Sunday Distance Didnt Stop Him


I was made to sit in the corner with the spanker in my mouth for half an hour. Now that’s just mean! I hate the naughty corner!

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Sinful Sunday
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  1. Anna Sky
    Anna Sky says:

    Oh the damn naughty corner, it’s a love hate thing for me! I hate it when it’s punishment but love the anticipation when it’s just to keep me in suspense for a short while.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    I love how the feelings evoked by these two shots are so different – the first is so playful. The second? It definitely looks like the mood has changed! Jane xxx

  3. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman says:

    Molly, this is exactly what we did too. He used to keep a naughty list and let me decide on the punishment. If the punishment did not match the crime, he doubled it. Lol. Clever sods! Long distance can certainly be lots of fun and if you are creative enough it can be fantastic. We moved in together at the beginning of this year, after 3 years of LDR. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone xx

  4. Molly
    Molly says:

    We had 2 years of LDR before Sir moved here. He devised many ways of keeping me under control the worst of which was the points system. Points where awards for bad behaviour and could only be worked off in person. Doesn’t sound to bad but on one trip to see him I had racked up a stunning 2700 points…. I was fairly dismissive of it by that point but wow did it work as I was VERY careful in future to not let the point ever mount up like that again.


  5. Silverdrop
    Silverdrop says:

    We had a year of LDR, doing much the same as you did. Only Skype wasn’t around then – we had e-mail and IM. International texting wasn’t even possible. Are we showing our age? 😉

  6. Curvaceous Dee
    Curvaceous Dee says:

    Long-distance play is quite something, isn’t it (although no, it’s never quite the same)? I often am ordered to slap my udders or face, or scratch my inner thighs … it’s intense, knowing I am doing it in proxy.

    Your images are hot!

    xx Dee


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