Janine the Anthro Dragoness by Bad Dragon

The Bad Dragon, Anthro Dragoness Masturbation Sleeve Review

The Anthro Dragoness masturbation sleeve was kindly sent to me from a US based company called Bad Dragon. Bad Dragon specialise in producing fantasy and furry themed sex toys and they are one of my most highly recommended sex toy manufacturers. Their products are extremely unique, made to a high quality from body safe silicone, gorgeous and best of all, they are extensively customizable. I recently reviewed the Anthro Dragon Dildo from Bad Dragon and this toy became a firm favourite of ours, so we were very interested and excited to hear that Bad Dragon wanted us to review their improved Anthro Dragoness masturbation sleeve.

Customizing the Anthro Dragoness:

When it comes to high quality, customizable sex toys, Bad Dragon lead the way . They offer fully customizable options for their dildos, allowing you to choose your ideal size, silicone firmness and colour, as well as having additional extras like suction cups, cum tubes and their own brand of Cum Lube. The masturbation sleeves do have more restrictions, and due to the nature of the toy, the size and silicone firmness is already predetermined. This still leaves you with the option to customise the colour. You can choose any colours imaginable as well as add effects like marbling, metallic, pearlescent, fades, spots, splotches and rainbow stripes. Whatever takes your fancy really. I do not know of any other sex toy company that provides these options and I personally think it is amazing.

I asked for my Anthro Dragoness to be made in a dark blue with a metallic sheen. As you can see from my pictures, it looks fantastic and really catches the light. I can even see some swirls of darker blue, or black running throughout the sleeve which produces a very fine marbling effect. Very nice indeed.

Product Information:

The Anthro Dragoness of old has been revamped with some new features. These improvements include increased detailing to the scales, making them look sharper, a longer sleeve with an improved core texture and a wider and more pronounced fascia. (See picture.) The improved Anthro Dragoness measures 8 inches in total length and has a 7.5 inch circumference around the outside of the sleeve. This widens to a 12.5 inch circumference around the entrance. Overall, the new Anthro Dragoness is larger, with a more textured inner sleeve.

The Anthro Dragoness is made entirely from a high quality, body safe silicone which feels super soft and very squishy. The entrance is designed with a dragon fantasy theme in mind, so dragon scales replace the labia majora and these fierce looking scales surround a small, perfectly formed clitoris and detailed labia minora. The clitoral shaft, hood and glans are all visible and the labia minora are realistically wrinkled and have a gentle bumpy texture to them. The Anthro is heavy, weighing approx 700g. (These are my personal measurements and may vary slightly.)

The texture inside the Anthro Dragoness is rippled and ridged. This rippled texture starts approx one inch inside the entrance, and continues throughout the entire sleeve, stopping approx one inch from the end. This is fantastic, as it means you can fully enjoy the texture no matter how big or small your penis is. There are a few sections within the Anthro Dragoness where the rippled texture is more pronounced and this creates a tighter sensation. My partner described it as feeling similar to using his finger and thumb to form an O-shape and using this to slide over this penis. Because both ends of this masturbation sleeve are open (You can look right through it.) it has the potential to get quite messy. It does leak its contents (Lube/semen.) very easily unless you cover the ends during transport to the bathroom.

In Use:

My partner loves this sleeve and has gone as far to say it is the best sleeve he has tried so far, beating his Fleshlights and Tenga products hands down to the top spot. It feels great and is just so versatile.The sleeve is squishy and malleable so you can alter the sensations and stimulation you experience quite dramatically depending on how you grip the sleeve. A light grip produces a teasing, tickling sensation from the smaller ripples within the sleeve, while the tighter, more ridged sections are more noticeable, especially around your glans. If you tighten your grip on the sleeve, the sensations increase dramatically and you feel the ribbed texture all around your penis. It feels intense. My partner described the texture as feeling rumbly. The sensations can also change depending on how you use the Anthro Dragoness. I recommend trying long slow strokes as well as little jiggles, squeezing and relaxing the sleeve and even using it hands free by wedging it between objects (I used my thighs for example.) Because the Anthro Dragoness has a soft sleeve and plenty of texture within, you can pretty much tailor your play around your own desires, You can control the pressure and apply it where you most want to feel stimulated.

Some other things my partner experimented with were plugging the hole at the other end of the sleeve during use, which created a vacuum inside the tube. (As well as stifling all noises effectively.) When we did this, we noticed that the Anthro Dragoness would produce a gentle gripping, or squeezing sensation around his penis. You can also penetrate the other end of the sleeve, which has its own pros and cons. For example, with the large front section no longer there, you can squeeze the tube even more effectively but the downside is that the weighty front end will now have to be supported and it can get tiring holding onto it.

Cleaning and care:

The Anthro Dragoness is a lint magnet but it is also very easy to clean. Simply use some mild antibacterial soap and run plenty of hot water through the entrance to flush out any fluids within. You can dry it with a towel but it will attract the fluff so I recommend leaving it to drip dry somewhere discreet and then storing it wrapped inside some plastic packaging. The packaging it arrives in is ideal but not a long term solution. To keep your Anthro Dragoness is tip top condition, I recommend only using water based lubricants, because silicone lubes can damage silicone toys.

Any Downsides?

The Anthro Dragoness does have a few minor niggles. First of all the silicone material feels mildly sticky to touch and because of this, it does attract lint, hair and dust a lot. The next thing to note is the weight. This is a pretty heavy toy and it can and does ache your arms after extended periods of time. During use, it does also make some whooshing and slurping noises but not any more so than any other stroker we have tried before. The noise can be dulled completely if you plug the hole at the end.


Custom colours, a tightness akin to anal sex, gloriously ribbed and rippled textures throughout as well as tighter sections within the sleeve, a flexible and squishy sleeve than can be manipulated from outside to provide different sensations within, two different ends to penetrate and a gorgeous fantasy design on the front. What’s not to like? It has a few little niggles like weight and being a lint magnet but these were expected considering the product is formed entirely from high quality silicone. The Anthro Dragoness is now my partners all time favourite male masturbation sleeve and considering my favourite toy is the Anthro Dragon dildo I guess this just confirms to me the quality and workmanship that go into Bad Dragons sex toys.You can purchase your own, custom made, Anthro Dragoness Masturbation Sleeve at Bad-Dragon.

 Video Review:

The Anthro Dragoness Masturbation Sleeve was kindly sent to me free of charge from Bad-Dragon for an honest review This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.


6 replies
  1. Eren
    Eren says:

    Hi! Your review and video helped me a lot and i think i will get mine as well, so thank you! 😉
    By the way, what does one use to plug the other end? Do they send something from bad dragon included with the toy, or you have to find something at home or something? 😀 Thank you for your the help in advance 🙂

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Hey! Glad you found this review useful. To answer your question; Bad Dragon do not send anything to plug the exit, but you really don’t need to. The great thing about this particular sleeve is that it is made from thick silicone. It provides intense stimulation without the need for plugging. That being said, you can always pinch the exit closed with your fingers, which does heighten the stimulation further (it provides more suction). I guess you could also plug the exit with something from around the house. Just be careful what object you use, as you don’t want to damage the toy. Since the end of the sleeve is quite squishy, I think the object will fall (or get pushed out) occasionally, but I guess its better than nothing!

  2. Karl
    Karl says:

    Thanks for the great review! (I watched it on Vimeo originally.) It helped me settle on this sleeve — never tried any sleeve before. When it arrives, I’ll let you know my thoughts on it.

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    your video review was very nice and helped me out a lot and I had gotten a male toy from japan and it was way to stretchy and soft so I was worried about this one being the same and for a lot more money but after this review I think I know what I am getting next thank you

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      Glad I could help. We still rate this masturbator as our favourite, despite him trying more since. It has withstood the test of time too. It looks as good as new all this time later. I hope you enjoy yours too!


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