Sinful Sunday Entry: Restrained

We have been enjoying a new toy this week, so much so I even managed to rope my partner into letting me photograph him and persuade him to take part in Sinful Sunday with me! (He is so shy) I don’t think he has any need to be shy though.
Sinful Sunday Restrained


My Man wearing the Fetish Fantasy Spreader Bar Set

My Man wearing the Fetish Fantasy Spreader Bar Set

…Nom Nom Nom

See who else is being sinful this Sunday. Click the button to see more gorgeous pictures:
Sinful Sunday
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  1. lilmissshalla
    lilmissshalla says:

    i can’t stop grinning
    my mouth keeps twitching up in one corner and i know that smile
    its my hungry face

    sound would think sex
    nah… mischief

    i don’t really have a filter and i really am shy… shhh stop i am
    to over come it i have spent a lot of time over the past few years to slowly take back who i am
    the last two years in london seriously helped!

    so i understand his shy side

    and i also understand my hunger

    my mischievous side wants to say “oh yes, he has every right to be shy”
    mainly because once you show up in a picture, get positive feed back from different sources
    … it feels good

    my hunger, my cheeky smile, my mischief
    its to give genuine flattery

    guys don’t get it enough and they should

    you both have fantastic pictures


  2. Molly
    Molly says:

    He has absolutely no need to be shy what-so-ever. Hopefully after this first outing on Sinful Sunday he will feel more confident in future and we get treated to more deliciously sexy images of him. I love the one of you too, something very peaceful about it that I find very sensual


  3. Catherine Martinique
    Catherine Martinique says:

    Great photos!
    I like the restraints too. I can see where the both of you would be having fun doing the review. love the way your bangs hang over one eye & your head it stuff, always like that pose.

  4. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman says:

    I am writing a review for it at the moment John. Should be up tomorrow (Just finishing editing a few more pics.) Its the Fetish Fantasy Spreader Bar and Handcuffs set. I got it from Lovehoney but being a Pipedream product I imagine its available from other places too. Thanks for your comment xx


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