Tenga Egg Clicker

Tenga Egg Clicker (Masturbation Sleeve) Review

I was very kindly sent the Tenga Egg Clicker from Innocent Sex Toys for an honest review. It arrived swiftly (Few days only.) and was packaged very discreetly in a plain brown Jiffy bag.

The Tenga Egg Clicker is a male masturbation sleeve with a very unique design. It reminds me of those chocolate Kinder Eggs with the toys inside, only the Tenga eggs are bigger and contains a much more adult toy to play with. The product is simple in design. A white plastic shell that opens around the centre with a simple squeeze, this shell is wrapped in a clear plastic label which has the texture design printed onto it and the name of the egg.

Product information:

I opened the egg and discovered an extremely squishy , oval shaped sleeve which easily fit into the palm of my hand. It measures 2.5 inches in length and has a 5.75 inch circumference when relaxed. (The size actually closely resembles that of a real chicken egg.) Also included was a sachet of Tenga lubricant. On initial inspection, the Clicker sleeve reminded me of a huge, de-stoned lychee fruit (In looks and texture.) but as soon as I began playing with it, it reminded me of that alien goo that comes in kids alien egg toys. You know the stuff that slowly runs between your fingers and you can throw against the walls? That stuff, only less…drippy. The Clicker wobbles, stretches and squishes easily and much to my surprise and delight, it also sticks to the wall and slowly rolls down! Yes, I am a child. (The material inside the Clicker does feel quite tacky.)

The Tenga Egg Clicker does have an internal texture, so although the outside is completely smooth, the inside of the Clicker is actually filled with bumps or nubs. The clicker is part of a range of different textured eggs, with names such as ‘Wavy’ ‘Misty’ and ‘Stepper’ and each egg contains a different texture within. Please note that the Tenga Eggs are sold as “single use” toys, but you can re-use them multiple times if you take care with the sleeve and clean it between uses. I appreciate this because personally I would not want to pay £10 for one session. We have used it 3 times so far with no signs of deterioration. Just be gentle.

The sleeve does look flimsy and thin, which makes it obvious that it will not last forever, however it does stretch amazingly well. Tenga suggest it can stretch to over 12 inches in length and accommodate an 8 inch girth. I watched my (much more modestly sized) partner use the Clicker and it stretched over his penis without issue but I could see some rather thin areas of material that allowed me to see his penis clearly through the skin of the sleeve. It hasn’t punctured or torn yet though, so I shall give those claims the benefit of the doubt.

In Use:

Because the Clicker is a petite toy, it manages to amplify, and add some extra stimulation to the usual sensations experienced during masturbation without getting in the way or weighing you down. Unlike heavy, bulky sleeves, the clicker fits like a second skin or a glove. You will find it easy to use beneath the blankets and because the egg has a thin skin (Compared to other masturbation sleeves) you can still feel your own hand squeezing or gripping the areas on your penis that you find the most pleasurable, only now it is heightened from the added texture of the egg. The Tenga Egg Clicker does force you to play more gently. Firstly because the harder you grip, the more the surface texture within the sleeve flattens out, so you feel less stimulation from the bumps. Secondly, you are aware of how flimsy the material feels and so you are more inclined to play gently to avoid ripping the sleeve. My partner enjoyed it the most when he used it to massage and stimulate the head of his penis by using gentle squeezes and rotating the clicker over his glans. Small thrusts and jiggles also felt great. This provided more stimulation from the Clicker than using a standard up-down motion. For these reasons, my partner found it preferable to use the Clicker during a more drawn out, teasing session rather than a quickie and the Clicker gave him some nice orgasms.

Cleaning and care:

The Clicker can be cleaned using some mild soap and warm water. It flips inside out easily and so cleaning is a breeze. Keep hold of the plastic egg shell because it can be used to store the Clicker sleeve between uses. I would recommend only using a water based lubricant with the Clicker, silicone lube could damage or weaken the fragile material used to make the sleeve, and ideally you want to get as many uses as possible from this product before it breaks.


The Tenga Egg Clicker does add extra sensation to masturbation and it was certainly fun to play with but it is not one of his favourite masturbation sleeves. He got the most benefit from the Clicker when he used it slow and teasingly but noticed any firm pressure from his hand would flatten the texture within and it felt rather plain at this point. We really enjoyed how easy it was to use and how cumbersomeness it is. The small size makes it ideal for travel or weekends away, plus it fits nicely under the blankets, unlike the larger Fleshlight style sleeves. It is silent (No slurpy noises.) and simple to care for should you want to use it more than once. However it is clearly not a toy designed to last through more than a few uses and the texture can best be described as teasy rather than intense. It does what it is supposed to do though. It does as required though and brings about some pleasant and different orgasms, so overall it is a good product. You can purchase the Tenga Egg Clicker, as well as some other Tenga Eggs from innocentsextoys.co.uk


The Tenga Egg Clicker was kindly sent to me free of charge from innocentsextoys.co.uk for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.
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