Rocks Off 7 SPeed Bullet Vibrator Leopard Print

RO-80 7 Speed Bullet Vibrator Review (Leopard Print) Review

I recently discovered a sex toy company called and I was immediately impressed with the range of products available on site, so I sent off an email and got chatting to Donna, a friendly and informative woman who actively promotes and campaigns for body safe sex toys. (See her campaign here.) I even received a leaflet with my order explaining the benefits of choosing a body safe product. For this reason alone, Vibrator Kingdom makes it onto my list of recommended retailers but it gets better. Donna puts a lot of thought and care into her business and it shows, just check out the packaging pictures at the end of this review.So, Donna asked if I would like to review the Rocks Off-80 Leopard print bullet vibrator and I must admit I was not sure I would like it. I have had the pleasure of trying many vibrating toys over the years and have developed a strong preference for deep, rumbling vibrations and bigger vibrators in general. This, in turn, means I generally dislike small, buzzy, shallow toys, of which bullet vibes usually top my list. They represent everything I dislike in a vibrator. (Small, hard, pin point, surface level, buzzy and usually just too weak to get me off.) So did the RO-80, 7 speed vibrator manage to restore my faith in bullet vibrators? The truth is no, it didn’t change my mind, but the RO-80 still managed to impress me because when I put my own preferences aside, I can clearly see that this little bullet is good at what it does. When compared to similar, battery operated bullets, the RO-80 holds its own at the top end of the quality/power list. Here lies the difference between the RO-80, and the numerous other bullet vibes that lie abandoned in the back of my sex toy drawers gathering dust; The vibrations on the RO-80 can make me orgasm. Not every time and not effortlessly, but it can.

Product Information:

The RO-80 is 3 inches in length and has a glossy leopard print design over its surface, which is smooth, completely rigid and untextured. It has a simple push button operation and comes with 7 different vibration settings, which is great because it gives you more choice compared to the standard 1, or 3 speed bullet vibes available. The first 3 settings are continuous vibration speeds (Low, medium and high) and the last 4 are patterns which includes waves and pulsing modes. I am not a fan of patterns on any vibrator, preferring to play with the continuous speeds but the RO-80 does provide a good variety of quality settings for the pattern lovers among you. (Check out my video to listen to the patterns in more detail.) The RO-80 requires one LR1 (N) battery to operate but you will receive one with your bullet to get you started.

The RO-80’s leopard print design is actually just one colour/design option in the RO-80 bullet range. Among the other options you will find a gorgeous purple snake print, a cute black and white cow print, a girly floral design, and even a glow in the dark bullet. (See all the design options here.) Same vibrator, different designs which means there should be one to suit almost any taste. Although i am not usually a huge fan of animal print, I am drawn to the uniqueness of this particular bullet and I just love the fact that the RO-80 range moves away from the standard black and pink toys and goes for something different, something for everyone. Long may that trend continue.

In Use:

Now, I must admit I am impressed with the first two continuous speed settings on the RO-80 (The low and medium speeds.) because they are reasonably rumbly. Don’t get me wrong, they are nothing compared to the likes of the bigger vibrators in my collection and I didn’t expect them to be but the RO-80s vibrations do travel slightly deeper into the clitoral tissue compared with other battery operated bullets I own. Both of these settings offer vibrations that feel good to me and that build me up towards orgasm. The problem was that these two settings were lacking the power I need to push me further, so I would switch the vibrator onto the third setting (Fast continuous speed) and this is when it all goes downhill. The jump from setting 2 to setting 3 changes the frequency of the vibrations. They no longer sit somewhere between that nice rumbly/buzzy sensation as they did with setting 1 and 2, rather, setting 3 is mostly buzzy. Suddenly the vibrations felt a lot more surface level and I lost the sensations that were travelling deeper into my clitoris. It actually felt numbing and I often had to reposition the bullets tip, placing it on a different area of my clit so I could feel some sensation again. I found myself pushing the tip of the RO-80 harder and harder into my clit to try and feel the vibrations more deeply. Now I had a problem. Setting twos vibrations felt fantastic but not quite powerful enough, setting 3 gave me that extra power but at the cost of losing the nice vibrations I felt on setting 2.


The thing is, the RO-80 is not a bad vibrator. As far as battery operated bullets go, it is one of the best in its price bracket, offering 7 different vibration settings with a variety of sensations, some rumbling, some buzzy and it certainly has a decent amount of power. It just wasn’t enough for me, but then again most bullets aren’t. If you are a bullet fan, or generally enjoy more surface level vibrations, I would not hesitate in recommending you add the RO-80 to your collection because it is good at what it is, but I believe the RO-80 stands out mostly as a fantastic beginners vibrator. It is non-threatening and non phallic, it comes in a gorgeous range of colour and style options so there is bound to be one to suit your own tastes, it is simple to use, quality made and it has a good amount of different settings and power options to experiment with. If you are a power queen or in need of deep rumbling vibrations I would not recommend the RO-80 bullet vibrator to you. Although I may have a preference for big, deep and rumbling, I know there are plenty of people out there who enjoy a decent bullet vibrator and if you are one of them, you can’t go too far wrong with the RO-80.

Video Review:

The RO-80 was kindly sent to me free of charge from ‘Vibrator Kingdom‘ for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

Vibrator Kingdom Adds A Nice Personal Touch With Nicely Packaged Items:

Nicely packaged items from Vibrator Kingdom


4 replies
  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    My first bullet was an RO. It was all pink and it was a nice gentle introuction – it only had the one setting, it was waterproof and only £5 from Ann Summers. After moving upwards the poor little thing doesn’t really do the job anymore but I do love the leopard print pattern on this one 😀

  2. K
    K says:

    Don’t you just LOVE their packaging?

    I came to the same conclusion about the RO-80. It’s good *for a bullet.* But it’s still a batter-powered bullet and it will be buzzy on higher levels.


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