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Gigi by Lelo Review

As you may or may not know, I have been longing to try a sex toy from the Lelo brand for quite some time. Lelo products are the epitome of luxury and class and after reading one rave review after another, I was definitely keen to get my hands (and vagina) around some of these glorious toys, so I could barely contain my excitement when I heard that Sweetfun.co.uk wanted to send me the Lelo Gigi to test and review for them. It arrived only two days after my chat with Sweetfun.co.uk and it was packaged very discreetly in a simple brown cardboard box which contained no hint as to what was inside. I was certainly impressed at the service provided from this company.


Lelo produce top end, luxury sex toys so it probably goes without saying that Lelo package their products beautifully too. The Gigi is available in 3 colours and I do believe the colour of the box matches the colour of the toy inside, so my Gigi was packaged in a glossy deep rose (Dark purple) box which looks sophisticated and classy. It simply displays the Lelo logo on the front and a picture of the Gigi on the back with some information about the vibrator, or in the words of Lelo “Pleasure Object” (Blinks) Inside this glossy box you will find another box, this one is black and is clearly designed to be used as a long term storage box for the Gigi, and its component parts. It is made from a thicker cardboard material and is very simply all black with the word “Lelo” imprinted on the front. I like this. It is discreet and could be easily mistaken for a box containing some other gadget, jewellery or posh piece of clothing. That is, unless those prying eyes know who Lelo are, in which case you are screwed but can at least ‘high five’ your friend for having such amazing tastes in sex toys. You will receive a black satin storage pouch, a charger, a loyalty card,  a sachet of Lelo lubricant and an instruction manual with your Gigi. (No Lelo brooch though – sob!)

Product Information:

The Lelo Gigi measures 7 Inches in total length. Approx 3.75 inches are insertable. (The part covered in silicone) It has a circumference of 4.1 inches around the widest portion of the toy (The head) and a slim 2.8 inches around the central portion of the shaft, this then widens slightly once again to approx 3.3 inches at the base of the silicone section. (These are my personal measurements)Gigi is made from plastic and FDA approved silicone. This makes the Gigi body safe, Phthalate free and non porous. Please note that the Gigi is actually a completely rigid vibrator which does not flex, bend or squish underneath your fingers and the usable portion of this toy is actually made from (what I assume to be) plastic, which has been coated with the purple silicone skin described as “Deep Rose” The colour of the toy is hard to describe because it looks different depending on the light. I noticed in darker rooms it looks like a deep purple but it brighter light it looked fuchsia pink. The silicone feels silky smooth and very luxurious..It is also completely seam free. I would recommend only using water based lubricant with this vibrator because silicone lube could degrade the silicone skin on the Gigi. Although this toy is splash proof, it is not fully submersible so I would not recommend using this vibrator in the bath.


The Gigi is a rechargeable vibrator and it arrives with a UK mains adapter. (Note: No USB charging option) Lelo suggest that you will get approx 4 hours of play from a single, full charge and the Gigi will not baffle you with technological gimmicks. Simply unplug the little stopper in the base (See pictures.) and insert the pin into the base, done. Well almost done, don’t forget to plug it into the wall too. When your Gigi is running low on power, the control panel will flash red so you will have some warning that it needs to be charged before it cuts out on you.


The Gigi is a very quiet toy and the sounds of the vibrations can be muffled almost completely under a duvet. The Gigi has 5 different vibration settings and I can confirm that this toy does take a moment to get the hang of. Especially if, like me, you are too excited to read the instruction manual and decide to wing it. The control panel has 4 buttons, an upward pointing arrow, a downward pointing arrow, a plus button and a minus button. Unlike most vibrators that come with 3 different speed settings, the Lelo Gigi actually has 5 different settings and you can choose how fast or powerful you want the vibrations to be within those settings. This is amazing. The up and down arrows control the settings and the plus and minus buttons are used to control the power/speed and also to turn the toy on and off.

Setting 1: Continuous Vibration. Setting 2: Slow pulse. Setting 3: Medium pulse. Setting 4: Fast pulse. Setting 5: Waves.

In Use:

Clitoral Stimulation:

The advertising for the Lelo Gigi often leans more heavily towards this vibrators G-spot capabilities, but for me this vibrator excels as a clit vibe. The flat head feels fantastic for diffuse clit stimulation and I could use the edges around the head for more pin point, direct sensations. The Gigi is a rigid toy and has no flex whatsoever, but the silky soft silicone skin that coats the vibrator adds a subtle softness and a little bit of drag or friction (when used without lube) on the clitoris. This was perfect for me as I like to apply a little pressure with my vibrators and it didn’t slip or slide away from my hot spots. The vibrations are very strong and feel quite deep too. They mainly focus towards the head of the Gigi and with very little material to dampen them, they feel strong. My clit toys need to pack a decent punch and have some depth to them for me to reach orgasm. I am not easy to please in this regard but the Gigi has not let me down yet. Mid depth (Somewhere in between shallow, and deep/rumbling, leaning more towards deep.) powerful vibrations that feel extremely good. So good in fact, that the Gigi makes its way into my top 3 clit vibrators so far.

G-Spot Stimulation:

Designed with a gentle curve and a nice flat head, the Gigi is designed to reach and hit the g-spot but for me it was not the best g-spot toy I have tried to date. I really enjoy the sensations that the flat head gives against my g-spot and when it hits the spot it feels fantastic and can make me squirt but the problem is, it doesn’t do it with ease. Maybe I have got too fussy over the years but I know some toys can just find my g-spot and work on it with minimal effort required to have my legs shaking. The Gigi requires a bit of angling and fiddling around for me to find the right spot and once I do, there is only a few inches of plastic left outside my body. Plastic which becomes very slippery when wet which requires lots of wiping and hand drying. This vibrator isn’t waterproof, so paranoia sets in as your juices begin to flow. Another issue I discovered was that although the flat head felt amazing against my g-spot, the ridge on the underside would often grate or nudge up behind my pubic bone which was distracting and occasionally uncomfortable too. (Especially if my partner took control and got a bit carried away.) It isn’t the best toy for simulating an in-out penetration either, because of the shape of the head and the rigidity of the material. It was definitely ok as a g-spot toy, but not the best I’ve tried.

Male experience + Anal:

I have taken to testing all my vibrators out on my partners penis. We discovered that he can orgasm from vibes as long as they are sufficiently deep and rumbling. Since I know the wand, as well as a few other powerful toys have been strong enough to make him cum, I now use his experiences as an additional little test for power and depth of vibrations. The Gigi was able to bring him to orgasm, but he described it as being on the limit and having just enough power. Please note that this toy is not suitable for anal use. Always choose anal toys with flared bases. I do like to use it to massage over the perineum and anus and it feels amazing.

Cleaning and care:

I usually wash the Gigi with some anti bacterial soap and rinse with water carefully to avoid getting any water in the control section of the toy. You could also use a sex toy cleaner/baby wipes or flannels to clean it. Simply store it inside the satin pouch in between uses. The Gigi is made from high quality silicone, it is virtually non porous and body safe. As long as you clean it thoroughly this vibrator should never cause any irritation or infection.


It is not waterproof, only splash-proof which does bewilder me slightly because it is also a smallish insertable toy designed to (hopefully) bring about some squirting orgasms. It does make you panic a little when only 2/3 inches of toy remain outside your vagina and this portion contains the controls and you have to avoid getting it wet. The only other niggle would be the rigid head grinding behind my pubic bone when inserted. I do like my g-spot toys to be rigid, but I think the shape of the head causes this issue.


Overall, the Gigi pleased me enough to make its way into my top 3 toys to date, so it gets high praise from me. I rate it so highly because it is beautiful to look at, non threatening, rechargeable, body safe, high quality and has powerful vibrations. I love the fact I can choose a particular pattern setting and then choose the power/speed independently. In my opinion, it excels as a clitoral vibrator and is somewhat more average as a g-spot toy. All the positives far outweigh the negatives with the Gigi and so it gets a solid 8/10 from me. You can purchase the Lelo Gigi from sweetfun.co.uk.

Video Review:

The Lelo Gigi was kindly sent to me free of charge from sweetfun.co.uk for an honest review. This does not not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

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