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Durex Play Feel Lubricant Review

Durex Play Feel lubricant is the most ‘basic’ of the Durex lube range in that it does not warm on contact, or cool down, make you tingle, nor is it flavoured. It is a simple water based lubricant that can be used vaginally, anally and with sex toys. I was not expecting Durex Play Feel lubricant to be a huge hit. It used to be a bedroom staple for me, back in the day before I started experimenting with toys and I could just grab a bottle of this lubricant in most supermarkets or chemists without having to shop online. As I began to discover other lubricants, I stopped buying Durex Lube. I seem to remember thinking it was quite runny and not very long lasting, so Durex got phased out. That was until a generous friend and fabulous blogger friend asked if I would review the product for her, so after 3 or 4 years of absence, Durex was back in my bedroom.

The strange thing was, I was actually impressed. The lubricant seems slightly thicker and way more slick than I seem to remember it being. (Has the formula been improved over the years or was my memory playing tricks on me? Who knows) It is actually a reasonably decent lubricant, finding a good balance in viscosity between being runny enough to spread out nicely, while still remaining thick enough not to run everywhere and not do the job properly. It forms a nice slick barrier against friction and lasts for an acceptable amount of time before needing to be reapplied. (Water based lubricants dry quicker than silicone or oil based lubricants but being water based, Durex Play Feel is suitable for use with sex toys, the others, not so much.) It has no odour but it does have a mild, bitter, ‘glue-like’ taste to it. Not ideal for oral but I have tasted worse lubricants.

Okay so to be clear, it is not the best water based lubricant I have ever tried because I am unsure how skin friendly, natural and hypoallergenic it is (Some ingredients on the bottle would be handy, Durex. I know I can Google, but still…) It also dries slightly quicker, or doesn’t last as long, as my much loved Sliquid Sassy lube does, but overall Durex have produced a middle of the range lubricant here that does the job well enough for me without causing any nasty reactions or leaving me feeling sticky or caked in lubricant. It is also reasonably good value for money. So I give it a solidly average 7/10.

Thank you to the lovely Cara Sutra for sending me the Durex Play Feel Lubricant for review. Looking for more sex positive information or a friendly place to chat? Check out her forums and her blog at www.carasutra.co.uk

If you are curious as to why Durex do not list their ingredients, on their bottles and on their website, I recommend checking out fellow blogger John D Stories post regarding his attempt to contact Durex and the answers they gave him. You can check that post here.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Wow that article at the bottom was quite distressing :/ Being a nooblet in terms of the toy world, I picked up some cherry flavoured Durex play but and I enjoyed how it felt and more importantly tasted but perhaps maybe I should start considering some more scrupulous companies! All the same, I can’t help but like it, so I might give this one a try as well!


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