Black Rose Ben Wa Balls

Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wa Balls Review

Lovehoney kindly sent me the Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wa balls for an honest review and what I like about this particular set of Ben Wa balls is the simplicity in the design. I know from experience that the thought of using a set of Ben Wa balls that had no retrieval strings can be a little worrying (You worry they will get lost or stuck inside you.) but I personally find the cordless balls are much more comfortable and hygienic to wear.

Generally, Ben Wa balls that have no retrieval cord/string are quite small, and the Doc Johnson Blooming Ben Wa balls are no exception. They measure just 2.75 inches in circumference which means that these balls have a width (From one side of the ball to the other) that is only slightly bigger than one of my small, girly fingers. Each ball is only fractionally bigger in girth than a 1p/copper penny.) This means they are not going to get stuck inside you. They are simply too small to get stuck, or lodged, up behind your pubic bone internally. As well as being petite in size, the Blooming Ben Wa balls also have a nice bit of weight to them. A surprising amount of weight actually, considering how small they are. My partner is convinced they are weighted with metal inside because they feel much heavier than you would expect silicone to feel. However, the packaging says “All silicone Ben Wa Balls” which suggests they are made entirely from silicone throughout. Please note that these balls are not jiggle balls (Which are hollow balls with a smaller ball placed inside to create a jiggling effect during movement) The Blooming Ben Wa balls are completely solid throughout.

In use:

I think the majority of women will find these balls exceptionally easy to insert and wear. The silky silicone skin and petite size make them super easy to insert and I managed each time without using lubricant. If you do use lube, stick to water based and avoid silicone with these Ben Wa Balls as silicone lube can potentially damage this product. The balls glide easily and effortlessly but the silicone does add a small amount of drag compared to the solid metal balls (Which is good because these stay in slightly better, with that added grip.) You can push them up inside you as deeply or shallowly as you personally want, and once inserted I personally could not feel them inside me, even when I squeezed my muscles tightly. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what experience you are looking for. If you want that 50 shades experience of being able to feel the balls presence, teasing your g-spot then I would suggest avoiding these balls and go for bigger ones. However if you are looking for some serious pelvic muscle toning, or a set of balls that feel less intrusive during use then I definitely recommend these. Do not worry about them getting lost or stuck inside you. Due to the weight and petite size of these particular balls, they will make their way outside of your body eventually on their own. The trick is to try and hold them in and for me, this set of balls is perfect because they are not so small that they keep falling out of me with every step, but they are small enough to make it tricky to keep control and hold them in. On occasions they would slip out and this is exactly what I was looking for because I know they are not “easy” I have to work a bit to keep them in which means they will really help over time to tone up those muscles.

I should point out though, that if you need to remove these balls quickly, they can be tricky. Yes they do fall out eventually on their own but if you need to remove them quickly, you will need to have dexterous fingers. A few times I spent 2/3 minutes squatting with two fingers inside trying to pincer a ball between each finger whilst at the same time squeezing my pelvic floor muscles to try and push them out. It can be tricky but I haven’t failed to remove them manually as of yet.

Just as a side note: Due to the lack of string and lack of internal sensations, it is very easy to forget you are wearing these balls. I learnt this the hard way when I went for a wee and was suddenly reminded of their presence as they shot down the toilet. Yes I am an idiot. I know.


I love the Blooming Ben Wa balls because they are simple and effective. I am even more pleased to see they are made from body safe, non porous materials as well as being easy to keep clean (Anti bacterial soap and water will do the trick. These balls are waterproof of course.) and store (They come with a little storage bag.) They may not be suitable to anyone who doesn’t have some experience with toner balls because they are quite small and the lack of retrieval string may be daunting but overall this particular set is one of my personal favourites and I would definitely recommend them.

You can purchase the Black Rose Blooming Ben Wa Balls from Lovehoney.

The Doc Johnson, Blooming Ben Wa balls were kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post.


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  1. belpita
    belpita says:

    Interesting! I recently purchased the magnetic balls from Laid and I’m currently trying them out to see how I like them. I have tried the Fun Factory jiggly ones and they’re fun for foreplay, but I don’t really think they help with actual pelvic training since they’re so big. The Laid ones are smaller.
    I’m just wondering how much actual exercise I’m getting if they stay inside and I don’t even feel their presence, just like you said you forgot about them after a while. What do you think? Are the muscles working anyway?

    • GrittyWoman
      GrittyWoman says:

      This is a great question and one I still cannot answer for sure. Like you, my experience is that the bigger balls just stay inside, kinda wedged behind the internal part of my pubic bone and I don’t do any work to keep them there. The smaller balls, once inserted, I cannot feel and so it’s not like I can feel them slipping down and can consciously ‘grab and hold’ them, because the only time I feel them is when they are already mostly out. However, sometimes my internal muscles feel slightly achy after wearing the smaller ones for a longer time. Are my muscles working without conscious effort?

      I believe that kegel balls are great for making you aware of your internal muscles and I believe that you know you have them in and this makes you more likely to keep working them. I have come to realise that the slightly bigger ones are best for me because I can squeeze my muscles and I feel myself tightening around the balls. Although the balls are not likely to fall out alone, I can actually feel myself working with these ones and I think this is one huge benefit of the bigger kegel balls. The smaller ones I prefer not to use for kegel exercising. I think it is all about finding your ideal size and your preferred way to use them.


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