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Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug Review

I grabbed the Lovehoney Booty Buddy Butt Plug during the sale. At the time, anal toys were not a high priority on my “must have” list. My (Male) partner was an anal novice and we hadn’t really delved deeper into the joys of prostate play. It was the bargain price and the slimline nature of the Booty Buddy that had me adding it to basket. It was an after-thought really.

The Booty Buddy arrived swiftly, packaged nicely in a white glossy box with a picture of the butt plug, as well as the traditional Lovehoney branding. The packaging is clean, simple and smut free. The Booty Buddy is available in two colours, black and purple. I chose the black one.

The Booty Buddy is a non threatening anal toy that would be suitable for novices or anyone looking for gentle and comfortable anal stimulation. Measuring a petite 2.75 inches around its widest point, this tapers down to a slim 1.5 inches at the base. This makes it extremely comfortable to wear, as the part of the toy that your anus surrounds is about the same size as a small finger. The total insertable length of this plug is 4 inches but due to the curve in the shaft, the toy will only penetrate to a depth of approx 3 inches.

The Booty Buddy is made from body safe silicone which means it is non porous, waterproof and easy to keep clean . The silicone gives this butt plug a lot of flexibility, especially at the base which makes it extra comfortable to wear. It tends to bend and flex with your body rather than prodding at your insides when you move. I was also very impressed that the base on the Booty Buddy butt plug is long and thin so it sits comfortably between your bum cheeks without digging in to them like the more rounded bases tend to do. It is not visible through clothing. The length of the base stops the plug from disappearing inside the body and having a longer base means it can slightly stimulate, or add some very gentle pressure to the perineum. I personally found that it travelled as far as my vaginal opening which I wasn’t so keen on (As a sufferer, I obsessively worry about UTI’s.) but for males, this longer base may heighten your pleasure.

In Use:

Booty Buddy from LovehoneyBoth myself and my partner found the Booty Buddy to be a very comfortable butt plug that could be worn for extended periods of time. With a little water based lube we found that it slid inside the anus with ease and caused no discomfort whatsoever. Once inserted it stayed in place and felt so comfortable that we often forgot it was there, sometimes we even struggled to feel it in place unless we wiggled or moved around a little which caused some very gentle probing sensations inside to remind you of its presence. It stayed in place perfectly and so could be used hands free during sexual intercourse or masturbation. We prefer to use the Booty Buddy as a gentle warm up to larger toys or as an unobtrusive plug to use during intercourse. The curved shaft makes this butt plug most ideal for males as this curve helps the tip of the Booty Buddy to probe and rub teasingly against the prostate. My partner found that the pressure is not too extreme due to the flexibility at the base of the shaft. It feels especially good in place during his orgasm as the muscles of the anus contract and cause the toy to press or rub slightly harder against his prostate, this in turn heightens the sensation of orgasm for him. My partner also enjoyed the sensations when using this plug to slide in and out of the body, although the size and shape of the base make this slightly awkward to do., it felt good because the curve and angle ensured the tip of this toy was brushing nicely up against his p-spot. The only thing I would add is that this toy doesn’t really have a huge presence, again due to the flexibility the feelings are gentle and mild. If you like to really feel your anal toys, this might not be the one for you.


Definitely a winner, especially for anyone interested in experimenting with anal but unsure where to begin. I recommend starting with this plug. It is gentle, comfortable, body safe and cheap. It functions well as intended and has the ability to heighten orgasms when worn during masturbation or intercourse. The only downside is that it can be a bit of a lint magnet but hey, it is made from silicone so I expected this. If you are more experienced with anal play or enjoy a firmer pressure against your p-spot, you may find this plug a little disappointing. The flexibility in the base makes this one of the more gentle butt plugs available.


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