Euphoria Prostate Massager

Euphoria Male G-Spot Stimulator (Prostate Massager) Review

That Position kindly sent the Euphoria to us for an honest review and, before I begin talking about the toy,  I want to give a mention to this companies amazing customer service. That Position went out of their way to help us find our perfect product. Rather than trying to sell to me, they asked what we were looking for and what we hoped to experience. Based on my tastes they recommended suitable toys for us. The emails flew back and forth and they are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We narrowed down the choice to the Euphoria. Their mission seems to be to have a happy customer rather than a quick sale. I was impressed.

Initial Thoughts:

The first thing I noticed when the Euphoria arrived was the packaging. This product is designed for the guys, so it didn’t appeal to my feminine tastes. However, I was impressed with the understated and simple packaging. Especially with the detail and information on the back which explained how to use the Euphoria, along with some details about the male p-spot.

The Euphoria itself appealed to the both of us. It is a small toy, designed to insert anally, where it will stimulate a man’s prostate or p-spot. The insert-able length measures just under 4 inches according to my measurements. The circumference at the widest part of the toy is approx 3 inches. It is made from a solid black plastic which makes the Euphoria completely rigid, and the material quality and workmanship is great. I cannot say for sure, but judging by the weight, and the look and feel of this toy, I would say it clearly isn’t made from cheap, plastic rubbish. It seems like a good, strong, quality material. It does have some very light texture to it. It does not feel completely smooth like glass or metal would. My partner said that this slightly rougher texture actually increases the good sensations during use.

The main thing that draws the eye though, is the uniquely shaped handle. It gives the Euphoria a sword like appearance and is designed to add additional stimulation to the toy. One of these arms is designed to rest up against the perineum, the other one sits between the bum cheeks further back. I was curious as to how they would feel in use.

In Use:

The Euphoria has a great shape that makes it easy to insert (Use some lubricant with this toy) and once it is inside, it feels comfortable and it stays in place completely hands free. My partner can wear it while walking, sitting, and during intercourse and it never pops out. The shaft tapers down nicely to a very thin girth. This means that the section of the Euphoria that your anus sits around is thinner than a pencil, so there are no uncomfortable stretching sensations.

The handles are great but the smaller one (the one designed to press against the perineum) had no effect on my partner. He couldn’t really feel it. He can feel the longer handle pushing or prodding between his bum cheeks but he says that it isn’t painful just ever so slightly uncomfortable while sitting up. He found that leaning forward slightly stopped that from happening.

During our initial test run my partner wore the Euphoria during sex. It stayed in place comfortably and those little handles made it easy for me to grip onto the toy and give it a little wiggle. He found the experience highly pleasurable. As he approached orgasm he began to feel the stimulator pressing rhythmically into his p-spot, especially the more he clenched his muscles (Which we all tend to do as we get more aroused.) He described his orgasm as feeling heightened considerably, simply from the Euphoria rubbing up against his p-spot. Because the toy is rigid, I wanted to know if it caused any discomfort during orgasmic muscle contractions but he said there was no discomfort, just amazing sensations.

Over the next week, we experimented with the Euphoria in different ways. I wanted to know if he could comfortably sit up while wearing the Euphoria so he tried this and he found that it worked perfectly well. Occasionally he would feel the longer arm prodding in between his cheeks but as soon as he became aroused, that little annoyance was forgotten and he discovered that rocking back and forth in his seat while the toy was inserted had the ability to push him to orgasm without touching his penis. He had to stimulate his penis to get reasonably close first and then the toy would take over. Again his orgasm was heightened and his experiences with the Euphoria have always been good.

Cleaning and Care:

The Euphoria is so simple to look after. It is waterproof, non porous and simply shaped, so keeping it clean is as easy as soaping it up and rinsing it off. It doesn’t come with a storage pouch but it doesn’t attract dust or lint like other materials do. So it always stays reasonably clean.


We love playing with the Euphoria. I would go as far as saying it is the best anal toy we have experimented with to date. It would be suitable for beginners or anyone looking for a quality, hands free prostate massager. (Just insert and rock on it.) Due to its nonthreatening size, it can be used without having to warm up too much. It hits his p-spot perfectly, feels great when it does and heightens his orgasms. It is easy to clean and store and the material quality is excellent. I can imagine it lasting a lifetime and providing him with many more intense orgasms. I give it 9/10 and it only loses that last point because of the slight prodding when sat up. Everything else about it is fantastic.

The Euphoria was kindly sent to me free of charge from That Position for an honest review. This does not affect, ors way my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used in this post.

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