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The Anthro Dragon from Bad Dragon Review

As a sex toy reviewer, it didn’t take me long to hear about a company called Bad Dragon, and from the moment I came across their website, I was hooked. Bad Dragon are a US company that produce high quality, fantasy themed silicone dildos and male strokers that you can fully customize to suit your own desires and tastes. As you know, I often give a brief description about the company and move on to the stuff I know you want to hear about. (The product) However I have to tell you why Bad Dragon impressed me and why they are so unique, because they really go above and beyond. No other sex toy manufacturers that I know of, allow you to customize a toy in such depth.

If you are already aware of Bad Dragon and simply want more information on the Anthro Dragon itself, please skip to “My Anthro Dragon spec” and read from there.

The custom options on Bad Dragon dildos:

  • Size:

Most of the Bad Dragon toys will have three different size options, some even have four. The sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Please check out the dimensions for each size before you decide because even the small Bad dragon dildos are big. The large and extra large options are big enough to make any size queens/kings eyes light up with pleasure.

  • Firmness:

The next step is deciding on how soft or firm you want the silicone in your dildo to be. This decision will alter the feel of your dildo as well as the flexibility and how much the toy squishes under your touch. There are 3 basic options. Soft, Medium and Hard silicone. They also have split firmness options (Example: A firm base with a medium shaft) and Bad Dragon will try to create any custom split for you. Bad Dragon do sell sample discs ($6) in all 3 of their silicone options, so if you are unsure, you can always purchase these and have a feel of them before you decide.

  • Colour:

If you can imagine a colour scheme and design, Bad Dragon will attempt to create it for you. From simple monotone or blocks of colour, to metallic and glow in the dark options, fades, splotches and marbling effects. Can I say work of art? I want to.

  • Cum Tube and Suction cup:

These are additional extras which can be added to your design. The cum Tube is a unique option that not many companies (if any) provide. Simply put, Bad dragon will use a cum tube mold to create your dildo and insert a narrow tube in through the base and up through the shaft to the very tip. This will allow you to squirt lubricant through, giving the dildo the appearance that it is ejaculating. Bad Dragon even sell “Cum Lube” which is a creamy white lubricant that can be used with your dildo for added realism. To finish, you get to decide whether you would like a suction cup fitted to the base.

As you can see, Bad Dragon go out of their way to provide a service that is very unique and to allow you to create your very own custom made dildo that will be one of a kind. Although they can’t guarantee that your design will turn out exactly as you pictured it, they do a fantastic job at creating some absolutely beautiful dildos. I do not know of any other companies that will allow you to almost completely customize a dildo this way.

My Anthro Dragon Spec:

I chose the small Anthro Dragon in a medium firmness with a blood red and black marbling effect. It has 6 inches of insertable length and a 5.5 inch circumference around the widest part of the toy (The foreskin area) and the shaft measures just under 5 inches in circumference.

On Arrival:

I didn’t have to wait too long for my Anthro to be created and then delivered from America (Roughly 10 days in total) Inside my parcel I found some additional gifts that had been sent from Bad Dragon. These included a badge, a pen, a silicone sample disc and two miniature Bad Dragon dildos which are just adorable. The Anthro Dragon was packaged inside a strong plastic bag, wrapped in purple paper and placed inside a plain cardboard box filled with packing peanuts. I unwrapped the packaging and saw the dildo in all its glory, I was so impressed. It looked perfectly proportioned, the texture of the silicone felt great and the colour blend was just stunning. I noted that my choice of firmness (Medium) had been perfect too. The dildo was quite squishy. One of the softest dildos I own. It can easily be bent in half and it wobbles nicely yet it still holds its shape and stands to attention proudly. I couldn’t wait to try it.

In Use:

  • Vaginal Use:

The best dildo I have ever put inside my vagina. That sentence pretty much sums up my feelings for this incredible toy. I have used a lot of dildos over the years and the Anthro beats anything I have ever tried by a country mile. The firmness is almost perfect. (See my partners experiences below) It has a lot of squish and it flexes easily. Once inserted, it just conforms to the shape of my vagina in a similar way that a real penis does which makes it super comfortable to use. I also enjoyed the added sensation of the two balls slapping up against my bum. The surface area has a slight texture to it which creates a little bit of drag during use. This feels absolutely mind blowing up against my g-spot and sliding against my labia and vulva. I find that I reach for this toy often when I want to simulate in-out penetration. I suggest adding a little water based lube to help the dildo glide smoothly and avoid friction.

The softness and flexibility of the Anthro ensures that there is no prodding or pain (Even when I go hell for leather with the thrusting.) I initially had doubts about the Anthros large (5.5 inch) head, but it slides in easily compared to other toys with the same circumference due to the soft nature of the silicone. I am not usually a size queen but I had no problems with the small Anthro and it feels so good that I am very tempted to try this dildo in a medium. There is something about the Bad Dragon toys that makes you yearn for the challenge of the next size up.

  • G-Spot Use:

The Anthro certainly works well as a g-spot toy. It feels nice and filling without over stretching me, it hits all the right spots and causes intense g-spot orgasms. However, once I handed over control to my partner, hilarity ensued. As I approach orgasm, I tend to clench and squeeze my vaginal muscles. Due to the flexibility and softness of my Anthro (and my partner not expecting me to clench) the dildo would bend and shoot out of my vagina every time I approached a g-spot orgasm. (To combat this we just had to insert it slightly deeper and hold on to it a bit tighter than other dildos) This led to a very childish game of “See how far you can launch it” which I shall not go into (Trust me) but it did highlight to me that if you prefer a firm toy for g-spot play, or generally need a lot of pressure applied, you may want to choose the firm silicone rather than the medium, especially in the smaller size dildos. For me however, it was perfect and my partner soon learned how to keep control of this wobbly beast.

  • Anal Use:

The Anthro Dragon is also suitable for anal play. It has a wide base (Two magnificent balls) so there is no risk of losing it and the silicone is body safe and non porous. We have not tried this toy anally, simply because we prefer slimmer anal toys, but if you are hoping to use it for anal play, I would suggest choosing the firm silicone (Unless you opt for a medium or large toy, in which case, medium firmness would be amazing). I have no doubts that this small, medium firmness dildo will slide inside but you will probably experience a little more fidgeting and some flexing and squishing of the dildo as you attempt to penetrate the tighter sphincter muscles.

  • Harness play:

Due to the shape and size of the base, the Anthro Dragon fits securely into our strap on harness and for those of you that do not own a harness but want to experiment, put on a pair of jeans and slide the Anthro inside. Simply unzip the fly to allow the shaft of the Anthro to poke through. We tried this and it worked well and stayed in place. Much to my surprise, he was able to thrust hard and fast while wearing it this way.


The Anthro does have two minor niggles. First of all, the Anthro can be a lube whore and I did need to re-apply quite often. Secondly, it attracts dust, hair and lint like you would not believe. This is the nature of the silicone used to create the Bad Dragon dildos but I do not mind having to wash it before and after every use because frankly, the material feels absolutely amazing and unlike any product I have tried to date so I can forgive this minor irritation.


To date, the Anthro Dragon is the best dildo I have used for vaginal penetration by far. If that wasn’t enough, it looks absolutely gorgeous, as will yours, because you can fully customize it to your exact tastes. It is made from premium silicone so it is body safe, non porous, phthalate free, odour free, waterproof and can be sterilised. It is suitable for temperature play (Place it in a bowl of ice cold, or hot water) vaginal and anal penetration and it will fit into some strap-on harnesses. What an amazing dildo from an amazing company. I reach for this toy almost every time I play and considering the size of my collection, this is high praise. Considering these dildos are hand made and custom made, they are also very fairly priced. I seriously doubt this will be the last dildo I try from Bad Dragon. I am now addicted. They are THAT good. Check out their products here.

 Video Review:

The Anthro Dragon was kindly sent to me free of charge fromBad Dragonfor an honest review. This does not affect,or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.

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  1. Lolly
    Lolly says:

    Keep coming back to this review. Saving up for a Bad Dragon toy after seeing this because they just look so amazing. I’m not so interested in the fantasy element but the colours and the materials just look fantastic.

  2. TJtheMadHatter
    TJtheMadHatter says:

    I didn’t realize they made them so squishy! I’m going to have to get a hold of some of their silicone disks and figure out what I like. I can’t wait to try one for myself. Love your color choices.

  3. Sexweasel
    Sexweasel says:

    Ooh, I really like the look and sound of this one! I admit I mostly overlooked the Anthro dragon on BD because I thought it was a bit “plain,” but now I’m reconsidering. The colors you chose look a lot like BD’s special 5 year anniversary colors. The curve and texture of the shaft looks delicious! Thanks so much for the review; I can’t wait to get my hands on some BD toys of my own. 😀

  4. Aerie
    Aerie says:

    I love the custom coloring on your Anthro Dragon! Glad you really liked your first Bad Dragon toy. I recently received my first Bad Dragon also, and it is amazing… I can’t wait to try out other toys by them. Thanks for a great review.


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