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RO-Mona Elegantly Sensual 7 Speed Bullet Vibrator Review

I received the RO-Mona from who kindly sent me this bullet to test and review for them.  I was initially pretty apprehensive about trying this bullet vibe. I am a power junkie and I often avoid bullets because, in general, I find them to be too pin point and too buzzy and shallow. Call me greedy but I usually opt for larger toys with deep, strong, powerful vibrations that could shake me to my core. It arrived swiftly and I got straight to putting it to the test.

Initial Thoughts:

One of the first things that jumped out at me is the design. The Ro-Mona is an extremely glittery, bright fuchsia pink. My initial thoughts were “Will that glitter rub off in use.” I gave it a good scratch and rub (In the name of science, don’t do this, it will mark the toy) and found that the glitter stayed in place. I couldn’t find any evidence of the stuff on my hands after my test. This glitter also gives the Ro-Mona some gentle texture. It isn’t a completely smooth bullet, it feels slightly grainy under your fingertips.

The RO-Mona is slightly longer than the average bullet, measuring in at just over 4 inches long and it does come with a satin drawstring pouch for storage and a cheapish battery included so it can be used straight away. I personally swapped this battery for a brand new Duracell so that I could try this bullet at its full potential.

In Use:

The Ro-Mona has 7 different vibration patterns and is operated using a simple push button control on the base of the toy. The first 3 settings are continuous vibrating speeds (Low, Medium and High) and the last 4 are patterns. It is especially great when used as a clitoral vibrator or for some shallow penetration.

When I compared the RO-Mona with my other bullets I found that it had deeper, more rumbling vibrations but it didn’t vibrate at such high speeds. This was a good thing. I will often skip using bullets because I just need more depth, and more diffuse stimulation. The RO-Mona manages to bring me to orgasm without too much bother because its vibrations travel deeper into my clitoris which is what I want. I do not enjoy surface level, teasing vibrators.

The Ro-Mona also packs a decent punch for its size but it doesn’t over stimulate me in that annoying, shallow way that I have experienced with other bullets. The grainy texture adds some gentle friction which helps keep the bullet in place and allows for more pressure to be used without the tip slipping. Its size also makes it ideal for use during intercourse. It isn’t a powerhouse (Obviously, its a small toy) and I do sometimes wish I could turn it up one more notch but I think this says more about me than the RO-Mona because it is one of the stronger bullets I have tried (I’ve tried about 10) and it would be unfair to expect much more stimulation from a toy of this size.

As well as being a decent vibrator, I also found it to be a reasonably quiet toy. It doesn’t have those high pitched mosquito sounds that I associate with a lot of bullets and when used under the duvet it is barely audible. With the TV on in the background, I couldn’t hear it at all. Having 7 different vibration modes as well as being waterproof just make it that bit more versatile too. It is made from plastic so it is body safe and it is easy to clean being waterproof.


Considering I normally avoid bullets because I am such a power seeker, I have to say I was impressed with the RO-Mona. It is one of the better bullets I have tried simply because the vibrations have more depth to them and it packs a decent punch for its size. I was also impressed with the build quality and design. I would definitely recommend it, especially as a beginners’ vibrator because it is not threatening and it has a decent range of vibration strengths and patterns from mild to strong. If you are a complete power whore like me, then I would say avoid it, but then, you probably already avoid bullets anyway.

The RO-Mona Elegantly Sensual bullet vibrator was kindly sent to me free of charge from for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad.
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  1. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman says:

    Pandwhora I must read your We-Vibe review. I am not a fan of bullets in general (I like my toys big) but the RO-Mona was decent enough for a bullet. Gunna pop over to your site and have a look if your review is up.

  2. Pandwhora
    Pandwhora says:

    Very swanky! ~ I’m afraid that the We-Vibe Salsa has spoiled me and that no other bullet/clit vibe may satisfy my clit like my beloved Salsa… I seriously have no interest in any other clit vibe at the moment.


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