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Original Ben Wa Toner Balls Review

I do love a good set of balls, so when I saw this glorious little set of Original Ben Wa toner balls, I had to try them. I purchased these from  Lovehoney This was my first set of toner balls and I may have gotten slightly ahead of myself but I love them. Let me explain:


The Ben Wa balls are packaged in a simple and basic cardboard box. Nothing fancy, but nothing tacky either. I ripped right through this to discover a little plastic container in the shape of a treasure chest. It has a diamond design cut into the lid and inside, resting on black foam, are the two little golden balls. This little chest is a perfect storage box for your Ben Wa balls and makes the product feel a little bit more luxurious. Considering it is a basic range I was impressed.

Information about the Original Ben Wa Balls:

One of the first things I noticed when I removed these little golden balls from the case was how small they were. Bear in mind that these balls are advertised as being suitable for “advanced users” I can assure you I am not one of these people.

To give you a better idea of the size, I can place both of these balls on my palm and completely close my hand around them, so they are very petite. They are made from solid metal so they have a bit of weight to them too. Each ball weighs 33g and has a 2.25 inch circumference. These balls do not have a retrieval cord and they are not attached to each other in any way. Some sets of toner balls are designed to jiggle but the original Ben Wa balls do not, they are solid all the way through.

Using the Original Ben Wa Balls:

Inserting the balls is very easy and they are very comfortable to use. Simply lay on your back, apply a little lube and push them inside with your fingers. Initially they feel very cold but they warm up within seconds.They are very petite and I found that they slide in effortlessly. When I have these balls inserted, I cannot feel or hear them clunking about inside me and the only way I can tell where they are is when I feel one slip out of my vagina, which happens often and usually within a few minutes after insertion.

I have had children but I did do some pelvic floor exercises and I am able to grip larger toys and I do not suffer from stress incontinence so I think I have average control of my pelvic floor muscles. This suggests to me that you need to have very good strength and control to be able to grip down and hold these little balls inside you.

I was initially worried about the lack of retrieval cord and I had images of inserting these little balls only to lose them somewhere deep inside my vagina, only to be discovered again with the help of some tongs and a divers helmet. As it turns out they are adept at escapology and getting them out was not the problem, keeping them in was.

There was one occasion where I needed to remove the balls pretty quickly and they were not sliding out naturally. This gets tricky and it took a lot of nimble finger work to get the slippery little thing out.

So, if you have weak to average pelvic floor muscles, these balls will slip out naturally on their own. If you have strong enough muscles to hold them in, then you will probably also be able to squeeze down hard enough to push them out.

 Will they make you orgasm?

I did not find these balls physically arousing. They were far too small for me and I couldn’t even feel them inside me. They do not jiggle or vibrate either so there is no chance that these balls will make me orgasm. However, they do stimulate the imagination and can get me in the mood. They definitely gave me a little thrill when I wore them out in public (Make sure you wear some tight fitting underwear to save them rolling down your trouser leg.) and the idea turned my partner on too. They also had their uses in our bedroom play. My partner inserted these balls whilst I was stood up and demanded I keep them in while he spanked me. If I dropped one, I would get a harder spank. As you can imagine it was a difficult but extremely fun game.


I would recommend the Ben Wa Balls but please bear in mind they are designed for advanced users and are difficult to control. They are solid, smooth, easy to insert, simple to keep clean, hygienic (No strings, dimples or indents to gather bacteria) and cheap. I love these little balls and even though they are clearly too small for me, this is not the fault of the product. I am still trying to find my perfect sized toner balls but in the meantime I am getting a lot of enjoyment using these little ones in our bedroom games.

You can purchase Original Ben Wa Balls here at lovehoney.co.uk

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