Sensual Ribbed Glass Dildo from Lovehoney

Lovehoney Sensual Glass Ribbed Dildo Review

When shopping, I used to skip past the glass toys. I had my reasons at the time. First of all I believed that softer was better when it came to sex toy materials. I enjoyed dildos that offered some flexibility and some squishiness to them so I believed that glass would be too firm, maybe even painful. I also worried about the possibility of breakages and chips. I mean, it is glass. Images of hospital trips went through my mind. I looked upon glass dildos as boring. I tried to imagine what I could possibly get from a rock solid, expensive, non-vibrating, potentially painful (or dangerous) toy and came up with “not much” so I would move on to another option. Would you be surprised if I told you that this “boring, non-vibrating” dildo is now a firm (Pun intended) favourite? I was.

Is Glass safe to use as a sex toy?

So what changed my mind? Well firstly I did some research and learnt that glass dildos are actually made from borosilicate glass. The glass is heated under extreme temperatures to make it strong and durable. (Think Pyrex) so chances of them breaking, even from being dropped, are slim. (Not impossible) There have been tests done where glass dildos have been hit with hammers, put in ovens, dropped into ice water, bashed together and more, all to prove how strong this material is. The chances of them breaking during “normal” usage are ridiculously low.

Benefits of glass sex toys:

Then I realized how “body safe” glass really is. It is non porous, which means that bacteria and germs cannot sink in to the material, it is hypo-allergenic too because there are no nasty chemicals to cause a reaction and by nature, glass will not deteriorate so it will last a lifetime. Most sex toy materials also cause some friction or “drag” when they are being used and after a while this can become uncomfortable. Glass is super smooth and does not cause this sensation. I can have longer sessions with this toy.

In Use:

Then I had my first session with this dildo and I was converted. Okay it is completely rigid and 8 inches long. Due to this, it can occasionally cause pain. This mainly happens when left in the “wrong hands” and my boyfriend does have to go slower and gentler with this dildo compared to others because cervix poking, or G-spot jabbing, is not fun. I was surprised however, by how much I enjoyed the firmness. It was not like I expected and the solid but completely smooth bulbs of this toy jiggling against my G-spot builds me up to some fast and intense gushing orgasms. I also love pairing this toy with my favourite clitoral vibrator for clit and G-spot orgasms a plenty.

The fact that it is so unyielding seems to intensify any G-spot stimulation. I don’t even have to try. A gentle but fast jiggle is enough. It just hits the spot and doesn’t stop hitting until I can’t take any more. Every time I use this toy I can guarantee I will need a towel down on the bed. We use it often because I love it and my boyfriend loves the fact he can use it on me and make me squirt. Something he finds more difficult to achieve using his fingers alone.

And this toy just keeps on giving. (And I assumed it was boring? Ha!) It is double ended, and both sides feel unique and amazing. The smaller end, with the single bubble, is fantastic for anal. It is not very large so it is ideal for beginners or as a warm up to anal but it also feels great rubbing up against your G-spot. Being non-porous, you can use this toy for anal and vaginal penetration and not have to worry about bacteria, as long as you wash it before swapping to vaginal. Even though this dildo has a smaller girth (4.5 inches) than a lot of my dildos, it feels bigger and more intense because it is so firm. On top of that, you can feel every one of those ribs sliding in and out of you which gives this toy a feeling of texture and added intensity. It is difficult for me to take this end when I am not quite ready.

Over the next few weeks we discovered many ways to play with this dildo. Glass responds well to temperature changes and holds the heat and cold really well. This might not seem like anything to write home about but it really adds a whole new dimension to a session. On different occasions we have tried heating the toy in hot water and cooling it in icy water. I can confirm that it feels amazing. It is such a tease to feel a hot or cold toy sliding over your body, heading for your erogenous zones, building anticipation. I do prefer hot to cold. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to icy cold temperatures, although that doesn’t stop my sadistic boyfriend from torturing my clit or nipples with it as I squirm. As you can see it is great for BDSM play.

In summary:

One of the most versatile dildos I own. it has two different ends for variety, it is ideal for vaginal or anal sex as well as temperature play, it is suitable for sensitive skins and is very easy to clean and look after. It also feels amazing and it is guaranteed to make me squirm and squirt every single time. It also comes with a little velvet pouch for storage between uses. So is there anything I don’t like about this toy? Yes, one thing. I don’t like the fact that whenever we play with it, it invariably leads to us having to change the bed sheets again.

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