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We Vibe 2. Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator Review

I was so excited when I heard about the We Vibe 2. An award winning toy that could simultaneously hit my G spot, as well as vibrate against my clit while I was being penetrated by my partner. That sounded perfect. It was different from anything I had tried before and curiosity got the better of me so I placed my order.

We Vibe 2 Spec:

The We vibe 2 is a 3.25in long, 1in wide “C” shaped vibrator designed for internal and external pleasure at the same time. Its major selling point is that it can be used during penetration, so is marketed as a couples toy. It is waterproof, rechargeable and has 9 different vibration settings. It is made from silicone. The motors will run for approx 2 hours between charges. It requires an initial 24 hour charge before use. As it turns out, award winning or not, the We Vibe is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. I hated it.

The We Vibe 2 in use:

The first night I used this toy I was alone. I was expecting fireworks but I was sorely disappointed. Firstly, the button to operate this toy is tiny. Turning it on and cycling through the patterns is pretty fiddly. The button is just a small, slightly  raised nub in the silicone on top of the We vibe and often it needs to be pressed firmly. Sometimes I would be pressing and pressing and getting no reaction from the toy. Now imagine trying to change the pattern while the toy is covered in lube and resting against your clit, or inserted. Almost bloody impossible! I had to remove the toy, wipe the button area and my hands, feel around for the tiny lump and press it every single time I wanted to change settings. Annoying.

Then I discovered the main problem. Getting the clitoral part of the We Vibe 2 to actually sit in the right position. It just wasn’t having any of it. I tried a few different positions but the problem was that whenever I moved an inch or squeezed my PC muscles (As I tend to do when I get excited) the clitoral part of the toy would just slide off my clit and onto my outer lips or worse, the whole toy would just shoot out of me entirely and disappear somewhere under the duvet. Now, I don’t like to point out the obvious, but scrabbling around and cursing under a duvet in the dark does not make for an enjoyable masturbation session. Because of this, it was impossible for me to use this toy hands free but even holding on to it was a nightmare. It is small and slippery and difficult to control. Even the vibrations didn’t impress me. The vibrations on the We Vibe are very buzzy and not very deep. You have to hold it firmly against your clit to feel anything worthwhile. It has plenty of variety with 9 different vibration settings but nothing intense enough to make me orgasm. I have experienced stronger vibrations on toys for a fraction of the price.

Being the stubborn woman that I am, and the fact I had spent so much on this toy, I refused to be beaten so easily. I came to the conclusion that the We Vibe 2 is designed for couples and is probably not working very well because I didn’t have anything inside me to hold the it in place. I grabbed my most anatomically correct dildo and set to work simulating intercourse with the We vibe inserted to see if all my problems would be solved. The answer to that is a resounding no. It made it worse. Not only was the clitoral section now jumping around like a demented Jack Russell, hitting everything but my clit, but the dildo was pulling the internal section of the We Vibe 2 out of my vagina with every back stroke. (Cue more scrabbling under the duvet) I inserted the We Vibe 2 once again and I tried keeping the dildo still inside me and just rocking it, rather than thrusting. Now I was just feeling painful digs into my G-spot, my clit had given up and gone to sleep, I was covered in sweat and I finally threw in the towel and grabbed my wand vibrator.

Before I write a review I like to use a toy at least three times. Just to ensure I am not just having a bad day the first time. So I recharged my We Vibe 2 and tried again the next evening. The experience was almost identical to the first evening, only this time my boyfriend got to enjoy the spectacle and giggle as he watched me scrabble under the duvet for what felt like the hundredth time that week. Oh I tried to enjoy this toy, I really did, but by day three I didn’t  even want to try this toy again. Just looking at it I felt disappointed and was mourning the money I had thrown down the drain. But, needs must so I reached for it and pressed the power on button. I was just getting into position when I heard a little popping sound . My very expensive toy had just died in my hands. I am unsure what happened but the clitoral arm stopped vibrating altogether. I think the motor must have popped.

There are yet more annoying things about the We Vibe 2. It takes 24 long hours to initially charge it. A minor quibble but its there. The toy is designed to be waterproof so the charging hole is buried under the silicone skin and you have to poke the charging pin through the silicone in a way that makes you think you are going to damage your toy, mine used to make a horrible grating sound as the pin slid in. I often suspected that because I couldn’t see the hole, the pin might have been grating against the wrong parts inside.

So does it have any redeeming features? A few yes. The idea behind it is fantastic, a couple friendly toy to share. It is waterproof and rechargeable and is made from quality silicone so it is body safe. It is also one of the quieter toys I have owned but it just couldn’t give me an orgasm and isn’t that the point?


You can purchase the We-Vibe 2 at lovehoney.co.uk

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