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Swoon Release Vibrating Wand Massager Review

If you have read any of my reviews you will probably know that I don’t usually enjoy buzzy vibrators, especially ones made of silicone. Usually the shallow vibrations feel weak as they travel through the silicone material. I cannot orgasm easily from shallow vibrations so buzzy toys do not get used again. The Release is a buzzy vibrator. From its high pitched mosquito sounds to the 2 AAA batteries it requires, I did not have high expectations for this toy. Yet the Release actually feels pretty good.

In Use:

The Release is a reasonably quiet toy. Only setting 3 can be heard easily from under a duvet and you cannot hear anything from the other side of the bedroom door. Used as a clitoral vibrator, I can’t sit here and say the Release gives me orgasms every time. It doesn’t, and quite often I just need more than this little toy can provide. However, the Release hasn’t been relegated to the bottom drawer along with the rest of my unused toys.  I get it out occasionally because I enjoy the slow build sensations it provides and because it does have enough power to bring me to orgasm on its highest settings. It does take me longer to orgasm with the Release than with other toys and I only really enjoy it when I am super horny and want to enjoy a more drawn out, teasing session. In these circumstances, the orgasms it gives me are pretty intense. However, if I am not really in that kind of mood, the Release can be underwhelming and frustrating and I will avoid it.

Another thing that surprised me is that I can enjoy a build up to orgasm using the pattern settings on the Release.  Generally I find it really difficult to orgasm using pattern settings on vibrators so I usually go straight for continual vibration modes. On the Release, the patterns feel so  good. I would go as far as to say I prefer the patterns than the continual settings on this toy. There are not any pauses in vibration for more than a few milliseconds, and they all incorporate the intense vibrations using the Releases higher speeds so I guess that is why.

The release has 6.5 inches total length (5 inches insertable) and 3.5 inches in girth at its widest point. It is petite, but the Silky soft silicone and the flexible bulbous tip result in some intense G-spot stimulation and squirting orgasms. Luckily it is also waterproof. I could not really feel the wavy texture internally but it was no big loss.

Setting 1 > setting 2 > setting 3 > setting 4 > setting 5 > setting 6 > setting 7 > Off.

So if you used setting 2, when you finish you will have to click 6 times to turn the vibrator off. The power button is easy to use though, especially with lubey fingers as it is about as large as the pad of your thumb and it lights up red so you can locate it easier in the dark. The Release has a nice bit of weight to it too.


Overall, the release is probably one of the better buzzy vibrators I have used.  It isn’t the kind of toy I will reach for often but I cannot fault it just because I prefer deeper sensations. I would recommend it because it is well made, versatile and is a reasonably powerful vibrator. However, if you prefer deep, rumbling, powerful vibrations or a girthy toy, then the Release wand might not be suitable for you.


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