Spartacus Collar and Nipple Clamp Set

Spartacus Collar and Nipple Clamps Set Review

My first product from the Spartacus range arrived in the form of a collar and tweezer nipple clamps set which Lovehoney kindly sent me free to test and review. I love wearing collars and was very curious to find out if the attached nipple clamps would add to my enjoyment. They do, but what initially struck me was how amazing the quality of the leather and design of this set was.

The Collar:

I have a few collars in my collection but I especially love this one. It is made from super soft cowhide leather. It just moulds around my neck and sits so comfortably compared to other collars I have tried. The leather is really supple. It doesn’t dig in, scratch or chafe at your neck and it has a strong leather scent, it just feels luxurious. Avoid this set if you do not wear leather or animal products.

The first few times I wore this collar I noticed a lot of little black specks of material around my neck and on my hands. These come from the soft underside of the collar, which is not lacquered or painted at all and after a few uses it stops moulting in this way.

Two strips of leather are used to create this collar. A thicker strip which is 1.5 inches wide, this part wraps around your neck. Attached to this is a thinner strip that is 1 inch wide. The thinner strip contains the 10 holes, the buckles and O-Ring. This design ensures a smooth, uninterrupted fit around the neck, it avoids any potential scratching from the metallic parts because these are not sitting flush against your skin and this design seems to help to dissipate some of the forces applied. Basically, it doesn’t feel like it is choking you as much as some other collars can when it is being pulled on. The collar will fit necks measuring from 12 to 17.5 inches.

The Chains:

The two nickel chains are reasonably sturdy. I do not see any chance of them breaking unless you use excessive force. Considering they were attached to my nipples I decided excessive force would not be necessary. Each link chain is 12 inches in length, 15 inches if you count the attached tweezer clamps, which ensured a comfortable fit around my 36C chest with plenty of loose chain left to sway below my boobs.

This is where the fun starts. Any movement that caused the chains to sway gave me a pulling sensation on my nipples, which feels amazing. The best sensations came from wearing this set during spanking sessions or doggy style sex. In these positions the chain really sways and the pulling can feel mild or intense. It felt great injecting that little element of sadomasochism into our sex life. The chain was long enough for me to experiment with attaching little weights to it and the clamps stayed in place securely. If you have much larger boobs you may find the chain does not hang in the same way. 

The Tweezer Clamps:

As delicate and unimposing as the tweezer clamps may look, I can assure you they work and they work well. They can be fiddly to get on and if they have been attached for a while they can stick to your skin, which hurts in a not so fun way. I heard that using a little lube on the tweezers before attaching them can alleviate this but whenever I tried this method they just kept slipping off.

Once attached, they can give you an intense squeeze if you want them too. The most painful sensations always hit me when I start to remove the clamps. As the blood starts to flow back and the numbness is alleviated you feel an intense nipping sensation as they are unfastened. The sensations can be mild or pretty uncomfortable, and can be controlled easily using the sliding O-Ring on the tweezers. I imagine this set being enjoyable for most people due to the control you have over the intensity of the pain.


Overall, this set fits beautifully, it looks amazing and the sensations are easy to control. The Spartacus collar and nipple clamps set feels luxurious, strong and well designed and I feel very sexy wearing this set. It added a nice element of sadomasochism and control to our bedroom fun. I would recommend it.


You can purchase the Spartacus Collare and Nipple Clamps Set here at

The Spartacus collar and nipples clamps set was kindly sent to me free of charge from Lovehoney for an honest review. This does not affect, or sway my opinions of the product and I will always portray my own experiences, good or bad. Affiliate links are used within this post.
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  1. Anastassia
    Anastassia says:

    I love Spartacus items! I have a tweezer clot clamp by them and I am in love with it. It has a little bell that hangs off the end of it. I have seen this item you reviewed in this post and have thought about buying it in the past. I may just actually buy it now, knowing its decent quality and fun to use.


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