Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube

Sliquid Sassy Lubricant Review

I have tried quite a few lubes over the years and have always come across niggles with each one. I am a fussy woman. My pet peeves include runny lubes that do not last long (and they get everywhere) lubes that dry up too fast and sticky lubes. I also had problems with some lubricants causing irritation.To be honest I thought I would always have gripes with lubes, no matter what I tried. Then I found Sliquid Sassy. Sassy is advertised as Sliquids anal lubricant with the title “Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel” It is a thick, gloopy lubricant. However it is water based and does not contain numbing agents so it is one of the best all round lubes I have tried. I use Sassy for everything. It is safe to use with sex toys and thick enough to be used as a good anal lube.

The reasons I love it:

  • Consistency: It is a thick lube. It doesn’t trickle or drip much and it stays where you want it.
  • Price: This is a 125ml bottle so you get plenty for your money. I go through lots of lube so it is nice to have a big bottle that lasts a while.
  • Skin friendly: It is free from glycerine, gluten, glycerol, parabens, propylene glycol, sorbitol, DEA, PEG, fragrances and flavourings. It is 100% vegan friendly.This means that Sassy is non staining and ideal if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Versatility: Safe to use with sex toys and great for anal and vaginal penetration.

As strange as it sounds, Sliquid lubes are made from cotton fibres (Plant cellulose) which is why we noticed it turn slightly cloudy when it got rubbed into the skin. Don’t worry this is normal. I remember thinking that it would probably end up feeling “bitty” once the water evaporated in use due to this ingredient but that doesn’t happen.

I can only find one fault. It does dry up reasonably fast. However I am prepared to overlook this because it doesn’t dry up as fast as other “fast drying” lubes I have experienced and because everything else about this lube is amazing. You can “reactivate” Sassy while in use by adding a couple of drops of water to the lubed area, rather than reapplying more from the bottle. It really works and although jumping out of bed to grab a glass of water is a bit of a mood killer I don’t really care. I love this lube and I cannot wait to more from the Sliquid range.


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