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Lovehoney OH! Rabbit. Realistic Silicone Vibrator Review

The Jessica Rabbit was one of my first sex toys. I have loved it (and it has loved me) for many years, so I thought I would try the Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit. The Oh! has been designed and modelled on the original Jessica Rabbit, so it seemed like a perfect upgrade in size and power and I had heard good things about it. I guess once again this proves that everyone is different because the Oh! does nothing for me.  I have put off writing this review for months and tried it numerous times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke but now it is time to admit defeat.

How it works:

This toy has two independent motors, one which operates the bunny ears and another to operate the shaft and beads. The bunny ears have 7 settings. (3 continuous vibrations, slow, medium and fast) and then onto 4 variable patterns. The shafts motor has three speeds of rotation and when it is switched on, the whole shaft will rotate or “wobble” which is designed to stimulate your G-spot. The buttons are simple and easy to navigate. The bottom button controls the ears, while the top buttons control the shaft. There is a middle button and if pressed it will cause the shaft to begin rotating in the opposite direction. Neat! Because of the independent motors you can decide if you only want the ears switched on, or just the shaft, or both at the same time. The Oh! rabbit is also completely waterproof.

The reason I did not enjoy the Oh Rabbit:

I guess what I learned from the Oh! Rabbit is that sometimes a toy can have too much power, and this is coming from a woman who is addicted to her wand. The difference is that, with the wand, the vibrations are more spread out. With the Oh!, the vibrations are pin point and focused in one small area which is just too intense for me and it actually hurts. Even on its lowest settings I could not hold the ears against me for more than a few seconds because it felt like my clit was being happy slapped. Which is strange because I love my Jessica Rabbit. Hmmm.

I am pretty sure the reason this happened is because the Oh! Rabbit is very powerful. To me, the Oh! feels more powerful than the Jessica. It may also be because the ears are thicker and longer on the Oh!. If there is more weight or bulk to the ears then I assume they are going to flap against your clit harder. (They certainly seem too.) My guess is that it is most likely a combination of the two. More power and bigger ears. I noticed that I could lessen the battering sensation if I used lube but not enough for it to be in any way enjoyable.

The shaft is nice and firm but at the same time it has some flexibility to it. I am not a fan of the beads though. I know they exist on a lot of rabbits but I would prefer a smooth shaft. The Oh! measures 5.5 inches around its beaded section and it flares out here, like a bubble which meant I could really feel those rotating metal beads around the entrance to my vagina and it did nothing for me except cause slight discomfort.

When you have the shaft motor switched on, those beads are noisy, especially when inserted. It sounds like someone is grinding coffee beans in your vagina. This sound gets worse the more you grip the shaft, to the point where it actually starts to shriek. (In distress I imagine, for being put through such abuse. How could you!) To be fair, this is not the loudest toy I own. (The Jessica is actually a lot louder.) If you have the ears buzzing alone, its reasonably quiet but even still, it is probably slightly too noisy for comfort if you have thin walls.


There really is not much I do like about this toy. It feels bulky and has some weight to it, it batters my clit, it grinds inside my vagina, it’s scarily pink and it is loud. However it is phthalate free, waterproof and easy to operate. Not exactly the most exciting reasons to purchase a vibrator I will admit. The Oh! Rabbit would probably really suit women who enjoy a lot of intense pin point stimulation. It was just too much for me. You can purchase the Oh! Rabbit here at Lovehoney

Product Overview:

Total Length:10 Inches
Insert-able Length:4.5 Inches
Vibrations:Ears: 7 Speeds. Shaft: 3 Rotation Speeds
Materials:Silicone (Phthalate Free)
Lube:Water Based lubricants only
Other Information:Requires 3 x AA batteries
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Lovehoney Happy Rabbit
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  1. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman says:

    I love my Jessica and I am very tempted with the happy rabbit too. The Oh! just doesn’t agree with me but I wont let it put me off my search for the perfect rabbit. 😀


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