Lovehoney Deluxe Mains Powered Magic Wand

Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Review

So we all know that initially, wand vibrators were designed as body massagers. However, some wily women soon found a more interesting use for the wand. Judging by the popularity of the wand vibrators over the last few years, Word has got out. So baring in mind the wands original intent, the first thing you will notice is the size and weight. This is not a discreet toy. The head has a 7.5 inch circumference and is 2 inches long. It is too big for comfortable penetration and really not designed to be used internally. The total length of the wand is 13 inches.

The Deluxe wand is also very noisy. Although the lower speeds are quiet, if you turn this toy up to the mid/high end vibrations and it gets loud. It is the loudest toy I own and it most definitely can be heard through closed doors. So to enjoy this toy fully, you will probably need an empty house. The vibration speed is controlled using a wheel and a simple slide of your finger controls the tempo.


  • Clitoral Stimulator

My first few experiences with the deluxe wand had me wanting to scream from the rooftops that every woman should own one of these. I have what can only be described as a “fussy pussy.”  I am not a multi orgasmic woman. I need strong, deep vibrations, and even then I am happy with one clitoral orgasm a session. The Deluxe wand is the only toy I have own that can reliably give me multiple orgasms, and I don’t even use it on the highest setting. I can’t, it is just too intense for me on full power, and that is a first too. Normally I use toys on their highest settings and quite often wish I could turn it up another notch. The wand is so successful because of its power. The vibrations are simply a lot stronger, and deeper than most other toys on the market. With the exception of other mains operated power toys and actual sex machines I do not know of many toys more powerful. It can make me cum faster and harder than any other toy I have tried.

So you are probably thinking “If the above is true, why do I even need any other toys?” Well, the deluxe wand can make me orgasm and it can do it fast, but sometimes that is just too much. Do I always want to be pushed to orgasm at the speed of a train while clinging to the bedspread? No not really. Sometimes I want to enjoy a slow build up and a more relaxed, fulfilling orgasm. The wand is more of a quickie toy or a power wank.  Being pushed hard and fast has its perks, but it also has its downsides. The main two are itching and numbness. The wand is just so powerful, and the vibrations travel so deeply that on a few occasions I have ended up with insanely itchy vaginal lips or thighs, which is obviously distracting. Sometimes I just end up numb or sore afterwards from the friction. Using lubricant will help ease these problems. In fact, using the wand without lubricant will probably be uncomfortable.

  • During Sex

The deluxe wand is not an ideal toy to use as a clitoral stimulator during sex. I discovered that using the wand while also using a dildo to penetrate myself was easier, but the wand is just too heavy and too large. Imagine trying to rub a small apple over your clit while having sex. As expected, it gets in the way. Usually his pelvis ends up bashing the head of the wand uncomfortably into my clit.  It isn’t impossible, but considering the size, and the tangling of the cord underneath bums and around legs, it is just very awkward.

  • One for the guys

Men are not immune to the magic of the wand either. It was a happy accident that we discovered that the deluxe wand can also make my partner orgasm intensely just from holding the head against the shaft of his penis. Not many vibrating toys can bring him to orgasm so this just goes to show the serious power behind this toy.

Cleaning and Handling:

The cord is approx 75in (6ft) long. Not too bad but I would prefer longer. You will need to have a plug socket, or a power extension down the side of your bed. Any further than this and it will not reach comfortably. Cleaning this toy is also annoying. The head has grooves in it, so any lube or body fluids just get caught inside these grooves. I found that the easiest way to clean is using an old toothbrush to scrub out the grooves. It is not waterproof so you need to be careful.


I would recommend this toy to anyone who enjoys powerful and deep vibrations. If you enjoy pin point stimulation then the wand might not be for you, the head is too large and will rest over your entire clit and potentially part of your vulva too. However it is so bloody powerful that it will likely still please you, but it is still something to bear in mind. You can also buy different attachments for the wand which fit over the head. From smooth silicone to internal attachments, there is plenty of choice for different sensations. One final note; the wand is also fabulous for use as an actual massager.

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