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I thought it was about time I spoilt my boyfriend, plus, the idea of watching him use a masturbator excited me. We tried a cheaper stroker first to make sure he liked the idea and then decided to invest in a Fleshlight. I asked him to have a look at the options and he chose the Tera Patrick Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight. His choice was based on the idea that this one most closely resembled my vagina. I am still not sure how to take that. Hmmm.

Information on the feel of the sleeve and materials used:

The Fleshlight comes in two parts. Firstly the outer tube, which is solid, white and made of plastic. Inside this tube is the inner sleeve which is made from patented “Real Feel Superskin.” I have no idea what this means, it’s a company secret. However they do say that it is made from “Medical and food grade, phthalate-free polymers” Sexy! (Just don’t eat it) The sleeve is nice and thick so gives a great cushioning effect and is not likely to tear easily.

What I do know is that the material feels realistic. The first time we used this toy we decided to remove the sleeve from the case and leave it to soak in some hot water for ten minutes to heat up the material. This isn’t a requirement but it adds to the sensation.

Once heated, I lubed up a finger and slid it inside the hole. We both marvelled over how good it felt. I would imagine it is about as close to the feel of real skin as you could get without it being, you know, real skin. It is silky soft and very squidgy but it feels tight inside and the cushioning effect of the thick walls was enticing, and I don’t even have a penis. Grrrr! You can even pull on the little labia and wiggle the clit. Bizarre but entertaining nonetheless.

Using the Fleshlight:

So how do you use this toy? Firstly you need to remove the large end cap to expose the entrance. This particular Fleshlights entrance is an exact mould of porn star Tera Patricks vagina. Apply some lube to the toy, and yourself. You will need lube with this toy otherwise you won’t be able to penetrate easily and will most likely do yourself an injury. Stick to water based lubes. This material is delicate and can be damaged easily.

Before you slide into the toy consider the smaller end cap. We found it best to unscrew this cap a little bit when he initially inserted his penis. This helped to push out the air inside the toy and allowed for an easier insert, rather than feeling like it was pushing his penis back out. Once you are inside, you can then play around with the end cap and decide what feels best for you. The tighter it is, the more suction you will feel while using the toy. Unlike smaller masturbators, this toy does not make many squelchy sounds and is mostly silent aside from some whooshing air noises once you get a rhythm going.

So what does the Lotus sleeve feel like?

The lotus sleeve is designed to feel as much as possible like an actual vagina. The walls of the sleeve are smooth throughout, and it has different chambers within to create the sensation of tighter areas. However my guy said that these areas are not really noticeable in use and that this sleeve feels more like one long smooth chamber. Average sized penises will probably not reach the last 3 or 4 chambers.

This was one of his first strokers and since then he has tried many more. He still occasionally uses this toy but it is not his first choice. He explains that it lacks the intensity and sensation that a lot of other sleeves have. It still feels really good but he uses it when he wants a slow session. It is probably more suited to men who prefer a smoother sensation and a gentler build up to orgasm. The texture does not feel exactly like a woman, you can feel more texture inside a woman than you can inside this Fleshlight, but it is one of the closest.

Possible downsides:

This is a high maintenance toy. Cleaning is reasonably easy, just slide out the inner sleeve from the case and run it under warm water, leave it out to dry then insert it back into the case. However this material gets really sticky when wet. It will stick to your fingers and it feels like a warm toffee left out in the sun. The material will return to its original silky smooth softness once powdered. Use corn flour or Fleshlight powder. We have two Fleshlights and after a few uses and washes they both had a tendency to smell a bit mouldy. Both of them also developed a few black mould spots over time. This material needs some TLC to keep it in tip top condition.

This is a heavy toy. It gives us both arm ache, especially if used vigorously or for long periods of time and the width around the case can make it difficult to get a firm grip if you have little hands. With a bit of imagination this toy can be used hands free. Just stuff it between some pillows or between the mattress and thrust. This makes life easier for your arms.

Product Overview:

Case Dimensions:Case Length: 10 inches
Sleeve Dimensions:Internal Length: 9 inches. Vagina entrance
Materials:Medical and food grade polymers
Lube:Water Based lubricants only
Other Information:Phthalate free. Latex free.


You can purchase the Tera Patrick Fleshlight here at lovehoney.co.uk

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  1. GrittyWoman
    GrittyWoman says:

    Hey Jonathan. It does not feel exactly the same as a vagina no, but it feels very similar. In other words it is one of the best sleeves for closely resembling the same sensations. (Warmed up in warm water and lubed up)Of course I am just talking specifically about the feel of it. I don’t think a toy has been invented yet (or ever) that would actually make you think “Yes, this is a woman” and as my guy says it will never compare to the real thing, but its a great imitator as long as you are also feeling it mentally. Hope this helps x


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