Fleshjack Sex in a Can Banana Cream Soda

Fleshjack Sex In A Can Banana Cream Soda Review

Another treat for the boyfriend arrived in the form of this Fleshjack Sex in a Can Banana Cream Soda male masturbator. Compared to their Fleshlight cousins, Fleshjacks are generally smaller and more compact and we found the Fleshjack was easier to hold and control.

The Sex in a Can strokers are designed to look like cans of soda, or beer depending on which one you choose. This particular review is for the banana cream soda. I love the design of the outer case and the idea of “disguising” your sex toys to look like every day objects, but bare in mind the Fleshjack can is approximately twice the size of an actual can of soda so it isn’t convincing anyone.

Information on the sleeve:

The inner sleeve is made with Fleshlights patented “Real feel Superskin” material. It feels silky soft, super stretchy and quite realistic to touch. Fleshlight describe this toy as being made from “Medical and food grade polymers” and it is free from phthalates, latex and silicone. This particular toy has a textured inner sleeve. Lined with ridges for the most part, with a tighter section about halfway in that is bobbled. It is designed to simulate the sensations of oral sex so the entrance is in the shape of a mouth

How does it feel in use?

His opinion is that this is a reasonably intense stroker. There are more intense, stimulating products on the market that are cheaper however the Fleshjack offers a unique, softer, sensual experience that more closely resembles the feel of real orifices. So he prefers the cheaper alternatives for intensity but the fleshjack for a more “real” experience. Apparently, the Fleshjack feels more like anal sex than oral, because it is tighter than his larger Fleshlight and you can feel the ribbed walls against your penis but this sensation is mild. It can make him reach orgasm quickly and I enjoy using it on him. As for the noise, it does make some slurping and whooshing sounds, but compared to smaller strokers it is minimal.

As with the larger Fleshlight, The Fleshjacks also have an adjustable end cap which you can tighten or loosen to create a suction effect. This creates more sensation and feels like the toy is gripping or squeezing your penis depending on how tight you have the cap.

Warning for men with larger than average penises:

Please be warned. The smaller size and tighter sleeve of the Fleshjack Sex in a Can may not suit men with a larger than average (6 or 7 inch) penis. The sleeve is approx 7 inches long in total with an internal length of 6.5 inches. If you are any longer than this you will not experience full penetration and your penis will bang against the end cap. As for girthy men, I tested this toy with some different sized dildos and anything above a 5 inch girth struggled to fit comfortably.


I would not recommend this toy to males with larger than average penises due to its size but otherwise it is an intense and satisfying male masturbator that feels reasonably realistic.

Product Overview:

Case Dimensions:7.75in x 2.80in
Sleeve Dimensions:6.80in x 2.60in
Materials:Medical and food grade polymers
Lube:Water Based lubricants only
Other Information:Phthalate free. Latex free. Silicone free
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